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6max 2nl ZOOM! KK facing overbet shove

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  • 6max 2nl ZOOM! KK facing overbet shove

    Guys this was 2nl ZOOM so my hem1 was not running as it doesn't work for zoom I don't know how to get it to work if at all there is an update for it as im pretty sure i have the latest update for hem. I opted to fold here because I had no reads but the way he bombed all in i was inclined to call in fact i leaned more towards a call then a fold but talked myself out of it, I would expect trip queens or a full house to call here as a trap or at least raise raise smaller something like a min raise, this bomb all in makes me think he doesnt have it and is more likely to show me JJ or smaller pairs that he has no idea how to play as his overbet ship makes no sense to me. That said if he puts me on BIG pair due to the 3bet preflop maybe he thinks im an idiot that cant lay it down like a lot of 2nl players.

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    Hi dk,

    It's a tough spot for sure. With the low SPR we've created preflop we need to be right about 40% of the time to make this call. Given there's no reads I'd probably call here, as I agree the line doesn't make a lot of sense for a monster hand... doesn't mean we can't see Qx here, but I think we'll see enough KJ, J9, JJ, and AT type hands. It's tough to say because he called our 3B and we have no idea how light (which impacts how many combos of all of the above he can have). But on an spr of 4.5 I'll probably make the call. (There is also the wacky factor, which we can't rule out in 2nl zoom, where the guy turns over A3 on some random bluff).

    This is a board texture I might take a check-call line on. With no reads we can't expect to get 3 streets of value/stack action from many worse hands, but we should be able to get at least 1 from moderate made hand and ace high, and maybe 2 of the villain is loose/bad (any of those in 2nl? ) If we check we may also induce more bluffs from air, and get more curiosity call downs on the turn and river from small pocket pairs that are convinced we must have either a monster or AK to check the flop.

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      Against a random 2NL player I am often inclined to fold here. Shoving with a straight draw on a dry paired board seems so hyper aggressive for a 2NL player I'm just not going to risk my stack on that idea. There are certainly worse hands he may be making that move with though, like JJ,99, AT. Also QQ, KK, and AA are possibilities, though all extremely unlikely except maybe a tricky play with AA.

      I just can't really imagine someone shoving this flop with a worse hand the large majority of the time.


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        Thanks for all your feedback guys, in spots like this I normally call and I am almost always good but as I said i talked myself out of it. Definitely plenty of wacky factor on the zoom tables Dave alot of it pre flop when they make a play and cant fold when they get shipped on with trash like K3 suited on my QQ and also seen 94 (not even sooted) ship into me when i flopped top set so LOL, defo some wacky factor.


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          Hey darkmajic, I've got PT, but yeah I wound up playing without my hud working in zoom for the longest time because it wouldn't start on it's own. Turned out with PT you had to check a little box on this page of PT to get it to start Maybe it's similar with HM1? It's been nice having my hud ... a lot of regulars, so it starts to pick up stats pretty fast umbup: PS I've seen people shove in situations like this one when they seemed like they were worried about AK? Not getting much else though other than that - tough spot! :/ PPS Oh, and one other nice thing about getting the HUD going, is that then you'll be able to see how many times the crazy hands wind up working in your favor too over time, so that it winds up balancing out. It did wonders for helping keep my monkey tilt in check



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