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A high bluff

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  • A high bluff

    u like my story ?

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    you are not giving any reads whatsoever, those are very important headsup.

    I don´t like your line here without reads

    why do you check the flop and go for delayed C-bet? Is this something you do all the time?
    the only hand you are really repping here is QQ.

    your opponent calls the turn, I am not sure what that means since you checked back the turn. When you shove the river, he can only call a hand that has you beat. If you check-call he might bluff worse hands.

    in general I don´t like your delayed C-bet here and it is not really a bluff either since A high headsup is a pretty strong hand vs bluffy happy opponents.


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      Hi Sverigelottn.

      I recall an old PSO'er (Svidregailov, Kenny was his actual name) who used to describe various "levels" of aggression when oop in a hand. He basically would say:

      Level 1 aggression = a C Bet. This is so common it might be made with anything form a strong made hand to a complete airball bluff made as a matter of course simply because an opponent might fold the 2/3rds of the time he misses the flop with unpaired cards.

      Level 2 aggression = a CHECK RAISE. This is far less likely to be made as an air ball bluff, but if someone is hugely aggro it may still be. It can also represent a strong semi bluff pressure move, such as a hand here like KJ oesd and 1 over.

      Level 3 aggression = a check/call, followed by aggressive action on the turn. Enacting level 3 aggression effectively as a bluff can be quite difficult, because you are narrowing your range so much by doing it that the opponent may find it hard to believe you hold what you are representing.

      In your case, when the opponent checks back the flop the chance for you to take down the pot with strong turn action INCREASES, but you still must buck the flop information you gave with your check to successfully pull off a win of the pot if/when he CALLS your turn aggression. That 4s on the turn is not really likely to have improved your hand much, so you are really trying hard to represent a really narrow range consisting almost entirely of strong FLOP HITS.

      Your river bet lays about 2.4 to 1 odds to call, so the opp only needs to be "right" about 29% of the time to break even on a call. The fact your river shove lays a pretty good price for a call actually can HELP your story of a very strong flop though (or pretty strong turn improvement).

      As such I think your "story" is fine, as long as you have chosen the right opponent to tell it to...

      You really do not give us enough info to assess whether this is the case though, so it is hard to say.

      I can say your line is pretty "fancy", and is a pretty good representation of a very STRONG flop hit, but if the opp lacks the ability to read your story you could be firing bullets straight into your own head.

      Hope it helps.

      Last edited by JDean; Mon May 14, 2012, 12:53 AM.
      Double Bracelet Winner


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        reason i didnt post more than the words i typed was becouse i was in a hurry and now i forgot about the hand i just know the guy was a good hu player but as i wasnt playing this any different than when i flopped nuts so he calls kinda light flop and turn but hes mostly folding on the river
        thats about all i remember hope it makes abit difference

        and for sjekk i dont like that u instantly dont think i got reads my question was very simple do u like my story if u put yourself in my spot on that board thanks for evaluation



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