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Review of 25nl

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  • Review of 25nl

    I would like a review if and when should I go up to 50nl.

    I started playing cash games with a v bad concept which was that since I was a 'good' player I could have started in bigger limits so I used to play in 50nl or even 100nl. Having said that I always played tourneys and SNG but never cash games before and of course live too with good results. The more I read and studied the more I came to a concept and cash games are the real fruit of Poker or at least for me. The issue of a single hand can win you enough at the right limit that in a tourney you need to sweat for even days to conquer and even if you play your best others may many times get lucked out. So I decided to move to almost completely on playing cash games whilst reading and studying it too.

    As stated I didn't use a proper bankroll and I was new on cash games so I started losing money immediately. I lost a big amount in the first 59k hands which is 2.6k!!! I couldn't lose all that money so I started using this site for training and reviewing my play and for the next 190k hands I won some and lost others though when you add the total I lost approx. 500$. There was an improving but I was still losing. I felt I was a good player and I started noticing that I lacked some kind of concentration. I was able to keep v concentrated for hours and suddenly I lost it all on a bad play or an impossible bluff or also blind vs blind.

    I had to do something so I started to play for a bit shorter hours, started writing down the hands I lost big pots and reviewing them after the session also I wrote down a plan on what and what not to play in which position and in which circumstance. Also something extra from Poker happened that made me play more than before good poker and professionally, my brasilian girlfriend got pregnant and now in a couple or so months we would need more poker. So I had 2options or stop completely Poker and save the money I was losing or else I had to start winning as I was doing in live tourneys. I gave myself the last 30days chance!!!

    In the last 20k or so I made a profit of around 1.1k and have a v steap graph. All the hands were played in 25nl as I slowly was going up in levels from the v small 1c/2c.

    From the 3.1k total I was losing I am now losing 2k only so in 5weeks or so I managed to win 1/3 of all my losses. and in 20k I got back 1/3 of what I lost in 250k of hands!!!

    So question is this...
    I played 20k hands and won 1100$ in 10c/25c nl at a 25big blinds/100 which is v v good I read in 5weeks, when should I move to 50nl? Is a 25big blinds/100 good enough in this level? Should I first win back the 2k left or can I move before?

    I thank you in advance guys

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    Hi Etienne.

    To be 100% honest with you, your last 11k hands might just be a big "run good". It very well might be the fruits of your work to improve as well though...

    the bottom line in my opinion is simple:

    Do you NEED the money you have on line right now to live?

    Could you REPLACE it and keep on playing?

    From your post it seems like the answer is that you cannot easily replace the money you have on line right now. If this is true, then the amount on which you can play is one that is "significant" for you, and any significant amount requires that you do things to PROTECT that amount.

    As such, I'd only contemplate moving up at all if I had in excess of 50 BI for the new level. Even at that point, I'd not consider my move "permanent" until I'd demonstrated profitability at the3 new level across a sample of at least 100k hands.

    You could consider "taking a shot" at the higher level as soon as you reach 50BI though...

    Test the waters at the higher level with say 5 or 10BI, and if you continue to make a profit stay there until you've reached 100k hands, or until you lose your budget for the shot.

    That would be my suggestion...

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      50 buy-ins is perfect for safely moving up. You can take a shot at a higher limit with 40, or 30, or maybe 22 buy-ins too, but of course the smaller the bankroll the higher the risk of going bust. You need to consider how much you expect to profit at the higher limit and how much risk your willing to take. The greater your skill edge and the more you expect to profit, the less severe your losing sessions will be. This can allow you to possibly take a shot with a lower buy-in amount. The reward for higher risk is time saved. Spending less time at the lower limit and more at the higher limit means more profits, faster. That is assuming you will profit at the higher limit...

      Way the risks and rewards carefully and choose the path best suited for you.



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