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2 NL 6 Max AK flop dilemma

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  • 2 NL 6 Max AK flop dilemma

    Was on a new table, villain frankmartini was basically limping with all sorts of rubbish hands. 67/0 over 12 hands. He's a loose passive player. I Cbet him twice previously and he folded. This time he raised me on a big pot instead. Is this an indication of strength, having a 2 pairs, or was he just bluffing? Should I have given up my AKs?

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    Hi TheAwesomeNW.

    In this spot you have A hi, and no real draw possibilities. If you call his raise you'll be well over 25% invested in a FAT pot, and if you jam and he calls, you will probably be drawing to 6 outs max (and some of those 6 will be pretty "dirty", like hitting the Kh might give him a flush...see?)

    Even if he IS bluffing, this does not look like a good spot to get yourself stuck to a pot where you'll have no real indication whether or not a single pair hand you MIGHT hit on the turn will be good enough to win.

    I would just let this go, and conserve chips to look for a better spot.

    Hope it helps.

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      Yup thanks. Playing a fat pot with only 6 outs really isn't good After playing with him after 100 hands, his stat is 67/20. He hardly raises postflop so I think he had a decent hand.


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        Nicely played. His passive preflop approach probably translates to post-flop as well. Even with little data on villain it is probably safe to make some assumptions. Such as a raise from him is always for value with strong hands. Medium and weak hands call down and his air folds. Value bet him to death when you hit the flop and when you don't c-betting flop is fine, but that is it. If he calls or raises the flop c-bet he most likely connected with it in some way so there is no reason to try and bluff him off his hand. Concede a small pot to him and wait for a better spot to win 10x the amount back.


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          Standard fold, AQ would be a difficult decision.
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