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6max 5nl, AKo on button facing min 3bet

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  • 6max 5nl, AKo on button facing min 3bet

    Small sample on the guy of 38 hands, he is a 24/5 with a 3bet of 7.7 (1/13), this was his first 3bet didn't have a lot of reads on the opponent other than now he likes the min 3bet with AA. Profitable and OK to get it in here or not?

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    Hi Darkmajik.

    The opp here is pretty passive.

    The opp here 3bets, which is out of character.

    Normally, if you think he might raise on a 5% range, you;d expect a 3bet range for this guy to be tighter.

    Even if you did credit him with the full 5% range to 3bet you (because you are on the BTN, he doesn't "believe you" for instance), you only have about 46% equity versus his raise range. If you tighten him up to a 2% range, you are around 35% equity.

    In my opinion, the only reason to 4bet is that you hope he is on a hand he might be willing to fold that could be better than your holding, like a pp. in most cases I am flatting the 3bet, and going to re-assess on the flop depending on whether I hit...

    When this guy does not slow down at all, and instead 5bets you, the time to get out of dodge with AKo is right then...

    I am really, REALLY doubting a guy this passive is going to 5bet less than AA (or MAYBE KK) very often at all.

    So I cannot say I think AKo has much of a chance vs this particular opp at all.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner



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