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preflopp play AKs

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  • preflopp play AKs

    when cbetting on a dry board when rerasied the raiser and another guy comes onboard if the k wouldnt come i would still have bet 3 streets w i belive he had a smaller pocket pair am i right or wrong

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    Hi Sverigelottn.

    I think you are right that this guy had a pp under the K, although without more info he may have held something like AJ/AQ too...

    I like the C Bet as your 3bet pre flop allows you to represent that you were playing an over pair instead of AK. When the opp flats that though, and you spike the K on the turn, I think I would have preferred checking back the turn a reasonable amount of the time (note: you do not give enough info to say whether a 2nd barrel is better). By doing so, you tend to represent that you hold a hand like JJ/TT, and not a hand like AK. By checking, you may induce some bluffs on the river by lesser hands than your top/top, and with an SPR set up going to the flop of around 3, I think I'd be ready to put my stack in when I do make top/top on the turn with a pretty dry board.

    If that is the case, then I want to give my opp the best chance to think I hold a lesser hand than I do, as this increases my chances of getting him to make a mistake on a hand like 88/99/TT/JJ.

    Obviously, more specific info may change this line of thought, but at least some of the time I am checking back my turn hit in hopes the villain tries to bluff me off this pot.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner



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