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tight player valuebet

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  • tight player valuebet

    only knowing the guy is pretty tight could i extreacted some more value out of him without scaring him away ?

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    Hi Sverigelottn.

    I think you got about as much as you could here to be honest...

    Pre flop You raised him 1.5 times more than his open raise amount, and the only thing I can say is that if his 4bet % is pretty low, you MAY have been able to make it 80c instead. Still, versus a tight player the frequency of over cards to your JJ falling (without you holding a set) means that you could easily just cost yourself an additional 10c by raising the smaller additional amount.

    The flop is certainly dry enough here versus a single tight opp to slow play. I doubt that you are gettng the many calls if you C Bet immediately, as that let's him off the hook with under pairs to the Jack, so in my opinion the check was fine.

    Perhaps your turn bet is a bit small though, as you sized it at slightly under half pot. that 2 doesn;t figure to hit you very often at all, so after checking the flop I think you may have been safe in getting calls of a half pot bet (75c - 80c) by the same sorts of hands that might call your 70c bet. In the long run though, that really is a pretty small difference, and because you definately WANT a call I'd really not have a problem with the smaller sizing. Of note: a lot of your sizing here would depend on the amounts you might BLUFF here; if you are going to bet a bit under half pot when you want a call vs. this opp, you probably should bet that amount when you want a FOLD as well.

    On the river you cannot bet too much, as at least some of the time you picked up a flush draw on the turn when you bet. A tight opp probably would recognize this and not pay off a large river bet on the type of hand I suspect he had (99/TT). Your half pot bet strikes me as a very good sizing that can get paid off by hands like those, so that is the amount I think i'd have chosen as well.

    So bottom line here is that I really do not see a whole lot of ways you could get paid off more, and your line makes total sense to me!

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      couldnt been more greatful about the answear



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