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AA many callers

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  • AA many callers

    i just woke up decided to play some cash games of the smaller amount this hand i was carried away cuz of the limpers did or did i not raise to mutch on turn

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    Hi Sverigelottn.

    WOW! Sick spot!

    With that many preflop callers on the depth of money you had here, I'd really not be all in favor of rushing my entire stack into the pot with "just" an over pair on a paired flop.

    I think your C Bet on AA here is fine, as you really want to find out where you stand with a 1 pair hand by seeing right away if anyone is willing to raise.

    I think your turn bet really has to be viewed in the light of what you are trying to accomplish though...

    If you are betting with an eye toward folding if you are raised, then I am fine with the bet and the sizing.

    You really do not want to bet too little there though, as that may induce a strong bluff by one of the 3 callers, and you do not want to bet too MUCH there as that would just stick you if any of the opps were to shove. I think about the lowest I'd be willing to go is around $3.25, and I definately would not want to bet more than $4.00.; your sizing is right in line with that. By sizing your 2nd barrel as you did, you would be getting a FAT price to call if anyone shoved, but depending upon your relative position to any shover, you may not be getting a good enough price to risk calling...

    If, however, your goal when betting was to extract value (because you were pretty sure you were best), I think I would have preferred a check to control the pot. By betting you really make it hard for hands like 66/77/88/99 to stay here, and those hands may well fire after a check by you thinking their hand is best. If you suspect your hand is best and will stick to that, I'd much prefer to let an opponent bluff off his stack, or to allow him to feed value in for me on hands that I CAN beat.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner



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