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AJ vs limper

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  • AJ vs limper

    Believed my opponent to be loose passive for he only limps. Did I take the right line with this hand ?

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    I like the raise size here, given that the villain is loose-passive and we might as well charge him for worse holdings if he's gonna call anyways. We're also setting up a low stack to pot ratio (of about 2.5) which makes it easier for us to commit if we hit the flop and we shouldn't be afraid to stack off. The big blind and the limper call which is fine, we have position.

    They check and you bet half the pot. I don't like this bet sizing for a number of reasons. We have an SPR of 2 against the short stack and we also have a third player in the pot. This bet gives both opponents the correct immediate odds to call with a flush draw. Your opponent(s) are loose-passive which also means that he will call if he hits the board in any way at all. I'd prefer a bet of around 3/4 of the pot, maybe even more here, and we'll be guaranteed to get it in on the turn, which is what we want with this hand.

    Bad turn card, because a Q is definitely in the limper's calling range on the flop. However, he has a little more than a 2/3 pot bet left. Sometimes he will have a queen here, but he will also call with worse aces and maybe even flush draws or an 8 in this spot. I'd put him all-in here no matter what the turn card was. I don't like checking behind because we lose out on a lot of value.

    Turns out he actually had a weak flush draw. He might have called with it on the turn and we missed a lot of value here. Most often he will have a worse pair like an 8 or a worse ace and he's almost certainly calling with those. If he has a Q, bad luck, but that's only a small part of his range.



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      Agree completely with Fesk. I would make the flop bet around 2/3 pot to deny odds and charge them a good amount as we are nearly always ahead and want to get value. When the turn comes a Q i don't particularly like doing it but i'd just put him in, as fesk says he sometimes has a Q but it makes up a fairly small part of his range and he will most likely call with much worse. GL at the tables dude umbup:
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        Hi amniosama!

        I think your line is fine throughout...

        PRE FLOP:

        I like the raise vs a loose/passive opp on a short stack. As Fesk said, you set up a lower SPR if he is the only caller, and that allows you to have an easier commitment decision with a top pair type hand. Had you made it 12c to go and the BB and the LP limper both called, your SPR would have been a little bit BETTER facing 2 opp's, but your 10c raise amount was fine too.

        I wouldn't want to go much more than 12c pre flop (in fear of getting called only by better hands), and if I cannot reasonably set up an SPR right at 3 versus the limper AND the BB (it would be around 3.5 SPR if you had raised to 12c instead), there really is not a ton of "need" to make it 12c rather than 10c; the slightly larger amount is jsut my personal preference.


        A C Bet when both opps check to you is fine with top pair/J kicker.

        You really do not want to let a free card peel that may either beat you or kill action for you. The 18c you bet is a bit smaller than I would have preferred though, since you ARE facing a calling station type who might call more. I think I would have preferred 20c to 24c facing 2 opps, as this effectively denies odds to flush draws even if BOTH opps call that larger amount. Plus, a calling station is probably going to chase a flush draw here no matter what you bet (up to maybe pot size of course), so why not make him pay?

        The 18c you choose is going to be ok though, as even if both call the 2nd caller would be slightly priced off drawing at the flush (he'd have about 3.78 to 1 to call, and would need a bit over 4 to 1 to break even). I just feel that if an opp is likely to pay MORE than the bare minimum to deny odds, why not make him do so, right?


        The check you make here is fine, as calling stations will tend to stick around on on 2nd pair hands a lot.

        That means the Q does represent a large enough "threat" to you that you really may not want to fire a bet now, as any reasonably sized bet you'd make is going to commit you to call the remainder of the LP players stack.


        Same goes on the river...

        The 8 puts a potential straight on board, as well as potential trip Qs. You could risk a value bet here, just in case the CS has a weak A he is calling down on, but I think enough of the time he is folding very weak holdings that didn;t et there to make you fine in fore-going some potential value in hopes of NOT losing the max versus a very passive opp who might not bet on a paired board with trips or a straight.

        So all in all, I think your line is spot on. Well played!

        Hope it helps.

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