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Would you only call??

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  • Would you only call??

    Oki there is a possible fullhouse there and a possible higher flush... So it the only resonable correct way to call? I had a read of him being tricky but he had been raising too many hands so I took the fullhouse off there at least the JJ. Overplayed it I know but against such a player which is more willing to call with less and opens wider would you shove wider too? Thanks guys Etienne

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    Hi Etipac.

    My thoughts:

    Pre flop, calling with a hand like 97s in MP can be dicey for you unless you have info on whether the opp's behind are generally passive. You really would prefer to have better position to enter a hand like this to spec so you have a better idea about whether or not you'll get to see a flop at a good SPR, or whether or not you'll see a raise which probably would prevent you from seeing a flop.

    As it played out, your call set up a Medium High SPR going to the flop of barely over 16. This tends to favor playing hands which might flop "good" draws, so I think woiuld want to be careful in continuing on any 9 out flush draw you might flop, and also look storngly at the "quality" of any straight draw you might flop.

    You do flop a gut shot straight draw to the bottom end of a straight, and a 9 high flush draw. Personally, I'd probably feel this is enough of a flop to continue on deep money like this, but I am not hugely excited about letting the hand get all the way to the river without a raise if I hit. It might be different if I held a nut (or near nut flush draw), or a straight draw to the "nut" straight, but with the reversed implied odds potential of hitting my draws here I would really prefer to bet or raise earlier than the river for definition.

    As such, when I hit my flush on the turn I'd really have prefered to RAISE at that point, and not just call. At that point you MIGHT fold out some 1 pair hands, but there are still plenty of worse hands which may call you. You get a lot more definition about where you stand with your 9 high flush, as well as begin adding value to the pot for yourself (if the villain calls) that you need to justify your "chase" past the flop.


    I do think that had you raised the turn you could have CALLED on semi scary river card instead of forcing yourself to raise to get the value you missed earlier on.

    So my opinion overall Etienne is that it was YOU who tried to play his hand "too tricky", whereas your opponent played his set in a pretty straight forward manner really.

    Because you did not seek to extract value on the turn, and did not allow him the chance to perhaps call badly in that spot, you pretty much blinded yourself to the fact that there were really very few hands you could beat that might be able to call your river shove. There were, however, quite a few BETTER hands that could have called your river shove...

    ...and THAT is a pretty good recipe for losing value on your hand, either by not extracting value when you could have (on the turn), or by seeing a bad river card that winds up beating you.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      V helpfull indeed, I do thank you.




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