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2nl 6max AKo in 3Bet multiway pot again!

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  • 2nl 6max AKo in 3Bet multiway pot again!

    villain is 20/10 over 20 hands and this is his second 3 bet so not much to go on here SB is a 44 / 30 fish small sample but i give him no respect for a hand BB 8/7 nit with a 0% 3bet over ~90 hands
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    so i guess the first question is now what? the nit hasnt 4 bet so we can at least rule out AA and KK with him the fish has a wide range so we want to keep him in the hand and the villain looks to be a tight player but we cant make too many assuptions so i 4bet thinking that the fish will shove or call much wider than AK, the nit will fold because he is only calling a 4bet like this with AA or KK and he would have 4bet before me but then there is the tag and as i look at it now i think his range is QQ+ and possibly AK and if so we have 38% equity and if he shoves we end up with the correct odds to call so is my math and thinking right? and what do you make of this

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    Hi pokers,

    I guy who is fairly passive 3-bets and a nit cold calls, I am not in love with AK in this spot. I think AK is way too strong to simply fold to the 3b, especially when we close the action, but I would just call the .12c more and see the flop. The preflop pot will be big enough that we can commit when we hit our hand, and when I miss I'm probably not throwing more money at it.

    Also I think it's a mistake to discount AA and KK completely from the nits range. Yes he might 4b those but he also might flat them some of the time given the action in front.

    I'm not a fan of a large 4b here because we will tend to only get action from a strong range of hands, like you said QQ+ and AK (maybe JJ/TT as none of these players look any good) and that range is not good for us with AK. Also this action will tend to blow the loose fish out of the pot (you acknowledge you want him in the pot, but think he will just stack off preflop to this action... really though he's calling initially with a pretty wide range but that doesn't = a wide stack off range). He'll call a smaller 4b but probably not this large of one very often.

    As played, I'm going to shove the flop too, we have less than a pot sized bet remaining and the pot is very large, we should at least give another AK a chance to fold now by continuing to rep the premium pair our preflop action suggests. A middling pocket pair may get cold feet and bail out now as well... if either of those hand types fold to our flop shove that's a fantastic result for us.

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      thanx dave that helped alot he did indeed flip over QQ and i riverd the K.....he was not impressed!!!!



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