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6max cash game after a poker break

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  • 6max cash game after a poker break

    hi and thank u for reading, i decide about a month a month and a half to take a poker break becouse lack of freetime and some personal issues. When i started my break i decided to both take my br out and also to use all my fpps just 1 hour ago my break ended and i decided to play some nl 2 6max 5 tables i didnt feel like playing first becouse poker felt boring after the break but once i started playing i starting feeling love for the game again. First thing that hit me was that mikro aint the best way to start on just bcuz its so messy u know but anyways it started out good some decent pots on some nice calls every read i had was wright and so on, while having break ive been reading out 2 poker books dan harringtons mtt books both blue and red one(not hole red one) there is alot of stuff that i forgot that i use to know and some peaces falled back wich im really glad off, For them that havent read it go ahead and buy it. i have 2 hands that i what some opinions on 1 of em i posted the other one i take with dave private, ok now to explaning the hand. it started with the guy limping on the button wich is not to uncommen in the nl2 ak suited is a raise hand so i decided to make it 5x as i usually make it abit bigger than u should guy flats me in position flush draw on flop i c bet abit more than half pot guy calls now i started thinking maybe a small pocket pair set flush draw 2 overs many thoughts in my head i decided to bet smaller just bcuz i wanna see the river hes been calling alot weaker bets and i havent been on the table long enough that he would actually have a tell that im doing it with a draw if i check he raises big and thats the last thing i want him to do he reraises me kinda small when the 6 came out but i didnt really put him on 89 or any hand with a 6 in it so my range on him were pretty clear after his decition i knew if he decide to reraise he will make it big to make me fold alot of hands as my bet was small he will reraise me sometimes with overs so i decided if the guy have a pocket pairs he has to prove it on the river, so i decided to call still had the nutflush draw so its understandable i missed my draw pot was 45 bigs or something like that guy decided to bet just as i thought he bet 5 bbs less than half pot the 6 on the river made me think even more if he would have hit the 6 on turn he wouldnt reraise he just want to showdown and he would raise bigger on river if he got trips so i put him off the 6 and started thinking would he limp call my raise with some kind of A hand probably after a while thinking the flushdraw must have missed him to if he was looking for it the straight wasnt logic becouse of his call preflopp so after a while i decided my ak should be the best hand here so i called i was right btw i dont know how to request a moderator to look at it

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