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2nl 6max JTo turned multidraw correct play?

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  • 2nl 6max JTo turned multidraw correct play?

    villain was playing 31/23 over ~30 hands and had been showing up with alsorts of weak holdings in contested pots
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    thoughts on general play especially the turn shove please thanx in advance

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    I think you overplayed your draw a little bit here.

    First your read mentioned that this guy play a lot of marginal hands and gets them to showdown, therefore your semi(bluff) doesnt work and it is actually a pure bluff with a chance of catching up.

    The guy already shown interest in the pot and you are getting good price to draw. His small bet indicates that he has a marginal hand and doesnt want you to raise him, however many of the opponent will call raises. The marginal hands include:

    9: T9 J9 A9 K9
    weak Q: TQ JQ Q7 Q8
    and a flush/straigth draw : JT and any 2 heart combos.

    against this range your turn shove doesnt not do particularly well, since he will probably call with any Q and a 9 with a better heart than yours, which means you have about 25 % equity.
    and his flush already got there, if it is higher than yours you are drawing dead and otherwise you are drawing to 14 %.

    and you tie to a straight draw unless you catch a heart if he doesnt hold the Jh.

    again you mentioned that this guy is bad and you should assume that he will probably call.

    I would call the bet on the flop instead of raising and I would have checked the turn here.

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      Hi pokerspants,

      Preflop I would raise a bit more to isolate the limper, .08c-.10c, or limp behind sometimes depending on the dynamic of the opponents.

      On the flop I also don't like raising. The donk bet is usually indicative of a 1 pair hand or a draw, and the trouble with raising is that we are not doing well vs. that range AND the villain as described is not going to fold any of it to a raise.

      Also on the turn, I don't like the semi-bluff shove simply because there is very little bluff component against this villain type and his range. I think it would be a great semi-bluff shove if we could expect a lot of folds, but we just can't in this spot. With little fold equity, we're basically just charging ourselves the maximum to draw. So I would generally take the free card here.

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