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2 NL 6 Max KK good fold??

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  • 2 NL 6 Max KK good fold??

    Hi how's everyone doing? For this hand, I didn't have a lot of hands with villains, just know that they are loose limpers. Win4 after 25 hands: 71/14 Luxury after 30 hands: 29/18 As seen, both villains called my 3 bet. I was putting them on a midpair and AT onwards. Ace on the flop was not good for me. Luxury went all in with his last 38cents. Win4 calls. I was putting him on Ax when he called, so I folded. When they revealed their hole cards, I was disappointed in them and myself. Lol. Given limited info about villains, would you give credit to them and fold? Or would you barrel with your KK where your whole stack could be threatened?

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    i would have folded 2 TBH im expecting an A somewhere in the mix


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      Hi AwesomeNW.

      In my opinion, folding your KK here is fine.

      If it were just Luxury Flash's all in you were forced to call, I think I go ahead and put in the 38c for the chance to win $1.31. In that case you'd have been getting 3.45 to 1 on your call, and needing only 22.7% equity to break even on that call, you would have had enough room with Luxury's aggression level to possibly think that he'd jam a Q or a flush draw (as well as an A) often enough to go ahead and stay.

      If Win4Finley were not such a PASSIVE player, you could suspect that he might raise an Ace to price you off a potential flush draw, so when he doesn't you could make a CASE for sticking around; but win4finley IS an uber passive player.

      So what you were facing here is a situation where you'd have had to OVER CALL 2nd pair to the board, and put possibly as much as $1.75 more at risk.

      You lack any strong hope of KK being good if Win4Finley calls any bets/raises, or bets/raises himself, and lacking any strong re-draw potential (except for hitting a 2 outter to bet an A) I'd not really want to run the risk that Win4finley does NOT hold an A. Even if Win4Finley does not hold an A, there is little chance you can value bet into his particular play pattern (uber passive) and off-set the loss of the amount you've added to the main pot to Luxury Flash.

      In my opinion, it is just too much to hope for that NEITHER player has an A here, and as such, the best you can do is limit your losses immediately by doing jsut what you did; fold.

      The truth is AwesomeNW, sometimes good players do fold the best hand when the situation is not right to continue, and to me this looks like a situation where you;d have to be pretty lucky to be "right" in continuing.

      Good Fold.

      Hope it helps.

      Double Bracelet Winner



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