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10NL AK on the BTN vs SB 3bet

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  • 10NL AK on the BTN vs SB 3bet

    I had only 41 hands from Villain. He's stats are 17/15 AF 1.0. 3bet is 12% but again, the sample is short. No cbet or 2nd barrell stats. W$SF: 60, WTSD: 40, W$SD: 100. I'm playing 25/21 AF 4.4 with ATS 45%. I'm stealing mostly from the Button (PFR 54%) so I think that my perceived range is very wide. Flatting is standard I guess. Sometimes I used to 4bet small to regain the initiative but I think that most poker literature advises flatting as the standard line. The fact that we're deep might give us more options… please tell me also what do you think about this if we were only 100bbs deep. The problem I have here is that as I have a weak perceived range, I feel that I have to play fit-or-fold (although I don't want to). Of course I understand that going to the Flop with a strong hand, position and a weak perceived range is very valuable when I hit TP; but how to proceed when I miss? I decided to float the Flop and see if Villain will 2nd barrel the Turn. He seems strong and I fold. Is that ok in general? Contrast that with the following hand. I don't want to get results-oriented here and I realise that I might have overplayed my hand with only 100bbs. I did this when I thought that the blinds are 3betting wider than normal, based on high 3bet % or some history dynamics.

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    Hi there and hope you are doing fine mate. I play fullring cash game so my view might differ but I give my view :-)

    Well I think if you get 3 bet by a guy who plays 6max and such a tight imagine % usually he has something v good. Though you are not 100bb deep but 150bb or so... So calling is what I will pick here, though when he bets you ll need to have a plan, will be call, fold or reraise if I 3bet hiim and put pressure on him since I have position, you have any reads? If yes what are they? If not are you willing to set it up even if you have nothing to check how he behaves as it would be important in later hands? Though remember that with those stats he is a rock so his starting hands are even better than yours and his 3bet range should be better.. Though the 12% doesn't really make up the maths so for me he might have had very good hands in those 40hands or so. His agression factor is very low and on this hand he 3bets you out of position, leads the flop and the turn??? He has a v good hand so just fold and better luck next time. On the turn you still have nothing and the pot is already too big.

    Hope it helps, my 5cents


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      Hi Nimed.

      For the 2nd hand, I think you played it fine given that you read the opp as 3betting light. When he checks back to you, a Cbet is a normal thing even on your misses; that Cbet may get you chop folds vs other AK, calls by AQ, or folds from minor over pairs so it is a good idea a decent bit of the time in my opinion. When you spiked the K on the turn the pot was certainly large enough to justify moving in immediately on top/top.

      As for the 1st hand, the deeper money means it is a lot harder to see the ability to set up a beneficial SPR to get your chips in on just a 1 pair hand. You COULD consider a 4bet to around $2.70 to go pre flop, but then if/when you miss the flop (about 2/3rds the time) you will probably have to give up if an opp showing these sorts of TAG stats donk leads your misses; if he holds an over pair to the board he may do this even if you 4bet pre. With him 3betting 12%, I do not think AKo is really in terrible shape to 4bet/get it in a good amount of the time, but you WILL be facing a race (or worse) a good amount of the time, so playing super "fast" could be costly.

      As for a float to see the turn, you are risking $1.21 to possibly win $3.11(~2.5 to 1) plus any implied odds on a 2nd barrel you night get. You have roughly a 12.75% chance to spike the turn. To be hoenst, if you do not 4bet pre, calling to see the turn on a flop miss is a bit marginal in my opinion. A semi bluff on overs into this strong range on a dry board may just be too committing to try, with little shot at working.

      To me, you elected to keep the pot smaller pre flop by not 4betting, so lacking a SPR going to the flop that might let you try to get all in with top/top, it really isn't worth it to chase that sort of hand when the villain C Bets.

      Hope it helps.

      Double Bracelet Winner



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