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2nl 6max AQo vs suspectied fish reposted

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  • 2nl 6max AQo vs suspectied fish reposted

    sorry about the repost but the first hand was all messed up at the time i hadnt got many hands on him though i had been involved in a hand before were he donked into a 256r flop then x/x the turn and river when they droped a 7/4. he showed KTo. he had been active but not showed down any other hand
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    what are you thoughts on my play and our villains holdings

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    He represented the A and got stung.

    I'm sure a hand analyser will put you right on the correct play but I'm reraising the flop, taking pot control and not calling it down. You gave him a reason to keep barreling, while you were strong on the flop you really didn't know where you stood on the river. If you reraise the flop you will probably take the hand down there and then but you can bet out the turn and then check the river.

    How aggro was he? A reraise pre might have been a better play?
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      Hi Pokerpants!

      Based on minimal info, this opponents seems to be the type to fire a C bet quite often on a pretty loose range. He may not go over board in his bets though, as the hand you played against him say him checking the turn and the river after firing 1 bullet. With that said, my opinions are...

      PRE FLOP:

      I would normally think I am ahead of an "active" player if I held AQo. As such, a 3bet pre flop is probably going to be fine; that will tend to get called a lot by loose opp's at the micro stakes by worse hands than yours, thus adding value for you.

      Since you cannot really set up a low stack to pot ratio that would favor you committing on a top pair hand very well (not without making a suspiciously large over raise), since the opp has shown he will tend to be quite aggro on the flop I cannot really say I mind a flat. By flatting you tend to disguise the strength in your hand if you do flop an A or Q, and that can allow you to use position to extract a C-Bet from his stack before you "lower the boom" with a raise, and a flat also allows you to fold flop misses cheaper.


      Since you lack solid info on his range, and since you have also seen him stop barreling after 1 bullet, I tend to agree with Ovalman that I'd prefer a raise on the flop immediately. At that point, a raise on the order of making it 30c to 35c to go by you does not un-necessarily commit you if he 3bets strong.

      Your line, flatting the flop bet, is fine given the value of your hand vs what you perceive as a loose range, but it is rather risky versus an opp against whom you have no strong info. Waiting to raise for value on top pair/2nd kicker until the turn is probably going to commit you a lot stronger, and if a diamond rolls off you may have a hard time getting called by less on the turn.


      When the turn comes a blank, and the villain fires strong again, a standard size raise (on the order of making it 90c or so to go) will leave you pretty stuck. At this point, I'd not really mind flatting again to control the pot size, since you really do not know for sure the somewhat aggro villain is not on soemthing like AJ or a set.


      When the river blanks off again, and the villain barrels a 3rd time, you have to think you might be beat. Still, your hand value has enough strength in it to consider a call. Given the lack of info I'd not really be fussed over not putting him in given the passive line we've shown, but there are a lot of hands in his range we likely beat, as well as some that beat us. My ranging on the river is roughly this:

      Text results appended to pokerstove.txt

      96 games 0.000 secs 19,200 games/sec

      Board: Ad 5d Jc 7h 3s

      equity win tie pots won pots tied
      Hand 0: 57.292% 54.17% 03.13% 52 3.00 { AcQh }
      Hand 1: 42.708% 39.58% 03.13% 38 3.00 { 77, 55, A2s+, KdJd, 9d7d, 8d7d, 4d3d, A2o+ }

      And with this sort or ranging, putting him all in on the river is fine too of course. Still, the SPR early on really did not favor you stacking off with a 1 pair hand, so lacking info I've no real problem with the river call. sometimes you will miss value here, but other times you will SAVE yourself a larger loss, and without really clear info playing a bit more cautiously is not a terrible thing to do.

      Hope it helps.

      Double Bracelet Winner


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        yes it has thank you this hand has rattled me a little but after looking back i see that its just poker.
        BTW he flipped AJ and got a little lucky i guess vs my AQ but after seeing the equity vs his range on the river it was just a thin ev situationso you just move on to the next hand



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