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2 NL 6 Max AA dangerous flop

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  • 2 NL 6 Max AA dangerous flop

    Villain milo was 63/5 and 0% 3bet after 55 hands. Not a substantial amount of hands to make judgement though. Didn't bet on the flop as I saw it was a straight and flush draw texture. Also I put villain on KK or QQ since he called my 3 bet. Any bet would not get his straight draw or set to fold. Facing a bet almost twice of pot in this situation, was it a clear fold?

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    After 50 hands After 50 hands, similar situation arises. Villain was out of position instead, raises more than pot size to make me fold. I think my call for his bet was bad, given that the implied odds of hitting the flush was bad. He then put me all in during the Turn. I was thinking that he would have slow played if he hit King set or had AA overpair. So perhaps he didn't have the goods and wanted me to fold when he saw K. I thus called, thinking I have great equity if he held QQ or JJ. If he held AA or KK, I still had 9 outs. And I wanted to see his hole cards bad. Tbh, the call was an emotional decision. Luckily my cards beat him. I hate it when facing such big bet sizes. Been a thorn in my flesh. How do you guys deal with it?


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      I think the first hand is a clear fold, the villain appears to be a calling station. When he bets twice the pot on the flop you can be fairly certain that he has it.

      I think you played the second hand well. You have blockers to As and Ks and the big flop bet suggests a premium hand but the bet is so large that with a flush draw and two overs it is worth the call. The K on the turn improves your hand and the all in smacks of fear not strength. Even if the call was an emotional one I believe it was a good one; you have outs to the nut flush after all.




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        I actually like your flop check, but I would do it with the intention of x/jamming on villain if he bets.

        A villain with stats like that who calls both a single open AND a 3bet usually plays a ton of weak hands this way and thus produces a lot of weak hands even on that scary flop.

        I would either bet or check with the intention of raising if he bets to try and get money in and make maximum value from all his top pair/pair+draw type hands.

        Also, his big bet is somewhat telling me that he actually wants you to fold and rather end the hand right here.
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          I agree that the large bet was for me to fold. What are the chances that he held JJ or QQ?



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