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AKo 2NL HU against LP player

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  • AKo 2NL HU against LP player

    After the table broke I continued to paly this villain HU ad i felt i had a considerable edge over him, he was running 77/8 with an aggro factor of 2.00. I adjusted my standard raise to 2BB as I am HU.
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    I pick up AKo on the BTN and make my raise he calls and I flop TPTK. He donks out fairly small and i think that i am nearly always best on this flop so decided to raise for value. The turn then comes a 4 bring a flush draw, the villain then donks out again for half pot at this point i don't really know what to put him on that's beating me maybe a set but i figure he would be more likely to slowplay this (as loose passive players generally do) I figure he might play a worse K or a J this and possibly 2 pair but I think i'm still ahead of most of his range so decide to raise again for value. The river then completes the flush and he checks i think he never has the flush here and I decide to put him in I thought i was best on the turn and the river card changes nothing so I try extract value. In hindsight i think i should have just flatted the turn to control the pot and keep it smaller with a one pair hand, would this have been a better play. Also i don't like my river bet as it means if i'm beat i lose the max would a check behind here be better? All in all i don't really like how i played the hand so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thanks for any advice Croyd
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    Hi Croyd93.

    First off, when I have an opp who is this loose pre flop, I think with a strong hand like AKo HU I'd be looking to INCREASE my pre flop raise amount, not decrease it. I'd want to set up a lower SPR to facilitate an easier committment decision for me if I hit the flop, and I'd also like to bang hard on his uber wide range for value pre flop.

    Next, with a reasonable post flop aggression factor of 2.00 his donk lead would't scare me much when I flop tptk; I raise for value much as you do, but I probably raise MORE than you did, and rely on his weak calling standards to pay me off. I think a raise making it 12c to go is quite likely to get called here by rag Ks. If you are beat that could cost you MORE, but then if you are beat you may well be paying off this short stack anyway by continuing to barrel. The extra amount you bet NOW could lead you to play more carefully when the opp continues, and this might save you moeny if you are beat.

    I agree with you that when you see the 2nd donk lead, at MOST you should flat. At that point you've raised twice, and gotten called twice, so you really have to suspect you might be beat. If you think you have enough value to raise still, then I'd prefer to simply put him all in immediately; You are sticking yourself so hard to the pot with your raise anyway it is going to be all but impossible to avoid losing the max with any raise.

    So in my opinion, it was not your RIVER bet that committed you for the max, but rather your TURN raise. The SPR going to the flop was 10, and this really is not conducive to stacking off with a tptk very often. I think versus the info oyu had on this opp you could have easily seen value in making the SPR lower going to the flop, and thereby have a clearer decision about getting your money in earlier, perhaps BEFORE he drew out on you (if he did).

    ...and if they guy was loose enough to play something like a KT like this (a hand you beat), betting and raising larger amounts earlier in the hand probably would have not changed the outcome, except for making it MORE likely he pays you off for the max.

    Hope it helps.

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