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    Sorry guys, my friend posted a hand on facebook so I could review and would like to let you review my review here to see if I was correct.

    How can I do it?

    This is the link... I don't know if it will work.

    My riview is like this...

    Preflop I would bet a bit more if I know that they call everything so I would make it around 15 or 20c. Remember that the extra 5c or 10c more preflop will result into a much bigger pot on later streets.

    On the flop the pot is 53c which would have been around 1$ already by now but it is still good! You bet 1$ into a 53c pot and he calls so most probably he has a draw to a flush or a weaker Q.

    Turn, no draw get completed and you bet 1$ in a 2.53$ pot, here you made a mistake lin as you only have 1pair. He showed interest so you should charge the weak player and bet at least 1.75$ or 2$ and prepare for a shove on the river or a check raise or if it is a bad card a check call on the river. Still not bad but you are missing value here king.

    River, that is a bad bad card for you and here you have 3options. Straights and Flushes got there. You can close your eyes and bet but that is not good poker because 70% he will have so much better than your 1pair top kicker, 2pairs,, flushes just got there so without reads I would check and if he shoves all in I would fold, If he bets small I might call but I would only bet if I know how he plays as usually they will put you all in there. Though at 1c/2c level when you have a hand you need to bet bet pray and bet :-) End result is v good though.

    For me he had QK or QJ... But small hand small pot next time and you did not have position as you got lucky too.

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    Hi Etipac.

    MY comments here would be:

    You do not give any info on your table though, so it is really hard to know the best course with AQs.

    - If there are aggressive players acting after me, I might limp along to prevent seeing a raise which might price me off seeing a flop (depending on who raises, and how much); if I am not raised, I can play fit or fold with my hand as a draw. this would be my thought if my opponents tend to be on the tight side.

    - If the aggro players are loose however, I am raising in hopes they 3bet; I could then either 4bet for value, or flat and commit easier to a top pair hand.

    - If there are loose/passive players behind me, I would really prefer to raise my hand for value, and perhaps increase the playability of my high card value by limiting field a bit.

    - If there are tight/passive palyers behind me, I would prefer to raise my hand for value, and if I am called I would re-assess on the flop.

    So in most all cases I am raising this hand pre flop over 2 limpers from middle position, but as I may have a variety of opponents acting after me, I really do not want to deviate much from a standard pre flop raise line.

    Your raise sizing is ok. It reflects a 3bb standard raise, plus 1bb for each limper, and this is pretty normal.

    If your normal open raise is 8c (4BB) to go, then I'd have made it 12c here.

    The SPR created going to the flop was a bit under 2 versus the effective stack, and under 4 versus the next smallest stack, so when I flop top/top I am pretty much ready to play for stacks agaisnt either of those opponents.

    Again, without info it is hard to say what the "best" line might be...

    I do know with the presence of a flush draw and possible straight draws (if the opp's might call a raise VERY loosely), I really want to bet more in a multi way pot that I would normally bet (HU my C Bet would usually be around 1/2 to 2/3rds pot). I would favor C-Betting for around a pot size bet. The reasons I would want to bet that much are:

    A) I stand to have the best hand pretty often here, so I want to begin building a pot with my value.
    B) The multi-way nature of this pot makes it more likely I will get at least 1 caller, and I'd really prefer fewer callers with a 1 pair hand and no real re-draw possibilities.

    As I only have a 1 pair hand out of position, and as I COULD have been out flopped here, I'd really not want to over bet the pot very often. This may result in me "value owning" myself (a spot where I am only getitng called by better hands, and folding out worse ones). A pot size bet still facilitates getting the stacks In that I am willing to stack off to, but does not excessively commits me if either of the big stacks raise strongly.


    When my flop bet serves to fold out all except the largest stack, I am really in a pretty sticky spot...

    The pot has grown to $2.54 and I only have $3.92 in my stack. At this point I have to realize that ANY normal size bet I make is going to stick me pretty hard to the pot. Without info on the remaining opponent it is really not possible to suggest a specific turn line, but if I am going to bet ANYTHING, I want the best possible bet to get the rest of my stack in no matter what comes. If there are any river cards that could come to make me fold, I'd not want to bet anything at all, and would check to pot control.


    Again, it is really hard to say if a check/call, a bet/call, an open shove, or a bet/fold line is best on the river. The possibilities are so varied that we cannot really say what is best.

    The long and the short of this whole thing is pretty simple...

    If you totally LACK info on opponents, it is very hard to get the most out of your hand. while a top pair/top kicker hand is usually a GOOD hand, it is no where near un-beatable. In order to assess whether it might be beaten or not, you really need to begin to collect info on opponents, as only then can you start to configure your palys to extract the best value, or to avoid losing the maximum.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      Sorry I did not add that my friend did not provide me with any reads whatsoever but I thank you for your time just the same!




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