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suited connectors

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  • suited connectors

    hi. 6 max nl holdem. should i call with suited connectors when im on button or cutoff and one player opened and it is folded to me? I know that in 6 max they usually dont have big hand preflop and hands gain value when played in position, or is it still too loose of a call?

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    Like most poker situations 'it depends' and in with regards to suited connectors it really does. For example if your opponent who limped is short stacked then limping behing is not a great play as you need good implied odds to make this call profitable. Also in the cut off it depends on what the player on the button is like if he is super aggro then it makes no sense to limp behind as he will be raising a wide range on the button which will often mean you have to fold your hand. They're many situations when over limping and calling with suited connectors is +EV but many factors such as stack size table dynamic and who is left to act need to be taken into account. When coming in with suited connectors in late position I look for the opponent who limped to be fairly loose passive and have a reasonable stack size, I will often only join the pot on the button but if i feel the button will not be raising me out of the pot i may come in at the cut off. Also you have to think how likely it is that they will pay you off when you do hit your draw as if they will often fold when the draw completes then it may not be profitable to make these cals often. I hope this helps (just my opinion though) GL at the tables umbup:
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      I'm more likely to be limping suited connectors or raising with them. They work well in a multi way pot or when your making a move but generally calling with then will give you a piece of the action but no odds for a draw.

      Play them both ways but don't just flat call and get yourself into trouble.
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