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2 NL 6 Max AA vs unknown

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  • 2 NL 6 Max AA vs unknown

    Villain: 31/8 after 26 hands Little info about this unknown. I was out of position, seeing the flop I was happy and slowplayed it in a multi-way pot. Was I not aggressive enough on the flop and caused villain to hit his 2 pair? How does his bet on the turn suggest he hit 2 pairs/ set? Would you have stuck to your top pair and go all in too?

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    I think your bet should have been a little bigger on the flop against two players..Also it should be noted that the flop is not fact it is drawheavy..people might call preflop with hands like 89s,78s,56s even..Slow playing on the turn is not really a good option bcoz you are giving free cards for your opponent to hit...(imagine checking the turn to see a 10 of spades on the river)


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      the guy calls with 89o and he flops top pair he is never going to fold.
      I really hate your line here.

      bet small on the flop, check - call the turn and jam when a third spade hit.

      you have a big hand, bet big. lead out on the turn and either jam or check call the river.

      your stack is too small to fold any overpair ever.


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        Hi AwesomeNW.

        I let this one go a while, simply because I was curious to see what people would say...

        I only see a couple of minor things I'd do differently...

        1) I'd like to see a bigger bet on the flop, as when you do NOT get sucked out on the turn, this tends to make more certain you get paid more on your over pair.

        2) I'd like to continue the check/call line you took on the turn through to the river as well. By the turn the board is showing quite a few threats (as does the decent sized bet by the opp over your turn check), and the river just increases those threats. By launching your entire stack you are turning your AA into a bluff that has little chance to fold out better hands, and is almost certainly too big to get called by hands like A8/TT.

        Hope it helps.

        Double Bracelet Winner



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