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2NL full ring KK

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  • 2NL full ring KK

    Hardly any info : 50/17 over 6 hands..Do comment.Is flatting preflop okay here?Can this be a fold in any situation on the flop?
    Last edited by nee0903; Sun Apr 15, 2012, 05:09 PM.

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    the guy makes a cold 4bet vs UTG raise which usually means premium hand, I´d get it in PFR since your opponent will still get AK PFR in and not postflop if missed.


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      Originally posted by nee0903 View Post
      Hardly any info : 50/17 over 6 hands..Do comment.Is flatting preflop okay here?Can this be a fold in any situation on the flop?
      Hi Nee0903. Without specific info, I do not really like a flat here pre flop. I say this because your info is very minimal, you are facing an opponent who has expressed interest in this pot, and you hold a monster pre flop hand. The most straight forward thing you can do is raise for value immediately, and without specific info telling you a trickier course is better for you in the long run, I think that is what I'd rather do... As played, you created an SPR in the 5 range, and that means you probably CAN fold in certain situations: An A on the board, 3 of a flush where you hold no K draw, and all broadway card flop (with no K) etc... But if you are willing to fold IMMEDIATELY on boards like this, you are perhaps leaving yourself too bluff-able, and costing yourself too much. If you are not willing to fold immediately on boards like these, you may well stick yourself to the pot too strongly to fold, and lose the max anyway if you are beaten pre, or are out flopped... So all in all, flatting pre flop without information on your opponent when you hold a monster can lead you to trouble. to make a pre flop flat better, I'd really want to have info that says the opp may 3bet somewhat light, but possible FOLD to a 4bet to flat. I'd also like to have info that says the opp will be aggressive post flop on a pretty wide range, including bluffs and semi bluffs, but that he may wake up to your strength if you 4bet, before I considered a flat a good idea. Another possible spot to flat is if your opponent is VERY TIGHT, and VERY PASSIVE, to the point that just about any flop bet by him might make you think any 1 pair hand no good. Without these sorts of specific info though, the most straight forward play is to just 4bet pre, and rely on his 3bet to represent enough strength to mean he can call or 5bet... Afterall, there is just 1 hand that is beating you pre flop, so you'd (normally) WANT as big a pre flop pot as possible, right? Hope it helps. -JDean
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