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opponents not raising certain hands--makes no sense

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  • opponents not raising certain hands--makes no sense

    I'm in a situation where I bet a guy on all three streets, and he ends up showing me the most ridiculous hand, like a miracle flush or straight made on the river. i realize that at 5 and 10 nl, a lot of players are incredibly passive, and will just call, call, call, all nite long, no matter how strong or weak their hands are. but i've seen hands that are maybe the 2nd or 3rd nuts just called on the river to my bet. with the hands im betting with, if im raised im immediately folding, so it's not like it effects my winrate in these specific hands, but it really makes me scratch my head. how can my opponents not realize how strong their hands are in these spots???? the reason it irks me so is because it really takes away value when u actually have a monster like the nut straight or a set. if a guy can't raise with the nut flush on a paired board (is he really fearing the fh????) then he's not gonna raise with two pair or bottom set, for example, and allow me to win a big pot when i got something. so are these players really so bad that they will call with ANYTHING, or are they just SO SCARED that they're always beat, or are they just so bad that they will chase and chase and when they get there not even realize how big a hand they've just made? if my opponents have no ability to range their own hands, how can i effectively put a read on what they got, or am i supposed to play super tight so i don't lose when i bet my marginal and sem-marginal hands? if they have a really really bad hand, they fold right there and i pick up easy chips. if they have a draw that's really bad, i would think betting and betting to get them to pay to see it would be an effective strategy. i guess im complaining because they don't want to pay to see further streets when i have a monster? sorry if this has turned into a rant...if it is a rant it's my first

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    ehm....yes and yes lol. they will call with anything, so don't bluff! and yes you will have to build the pot yourself with those villians. if you encounter them again, make the pots bigger: raise bigger preflop, then you can bet bigger on the following streets. don't bet half pot, but pot it. that way if they are calling you with the 2nd, 3rd etc nuts you will still win a big pot. just don't try to bluff them of a hand gl!umbup:


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      Why do you expect your opponents to play in a way that maximizes your hand value?
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        hi ketchup i see this as players who are that sick of bad beats and thinking about them all the time and scared to play,however i see a flaw in your game you may want to know,you mentioned you fold to a reraise? if a player spots this they will reraise u with nothing as i would.
        SOmetimes its better to call with nothing and keep them guessing,loose a few chips to win a big pot and all that,trying to get that reraise wen we got the nuts.
        If you are playing a solid game a opp will happily calll u down with a weak hand if its cheap,try not raising and jamming occasionly that scares peoiple off,hope this helps m8t.



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