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    I couldn't find the specific hands, but I still wanted to ask the question. I play at 2nl and there are a lot of limpers, sometimes when I have a small pair in the big or small blinds I'll limp along or check it back. In some cases it will check around on the flop and turn and the river will bring a set. With the pot only being 8 or 10 cents and me having to act first or second what should I do? I usually overbet the pot hoping to get called by second pair or top pair weak kicker.

    I know that this isn't the right forum to post this in, but I wasn't sure where to post.

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    Hi Hamburglaraid.

    What you seem to be describing is an "orphan pot" situation.

    These are spots where no one really has a lot of interest in betting at the hand, so it checks around, often on 2 streets. Specifically, I think you are wondering about value betting in these spots when you make a strong hand on the river...

    Am I correct?

    My opinion on this is that if you happen to bink a set on the river, the fact it checks down through 2 streets means you really have to think you are best far more often than not, and should bet at that point.

    Like any bet that you HOPE will get called, you really need to size it according to what your opponent(s) will call. Some will call a half pot bet on bottom pair, some will view a half pot bet as "strong" and fold even 2nd pair, and some will view a LARGE bet by you as a steal attempt. In short, betting when you "finally" make a bet-worthy hand on the river in an orphaned pot can be pretty hard to do.

    Some things I'd NOT do though...

    - Bet if I have any really strong intention to FOLD to a raise. (such as if I make a set when 3 or 4 of a suit appear). A Stab like this is better done with random cards as a bluff, than with a hand which may well have some showdown value.

    - Bet out if there is a threat of someone very TRICKY at the table (I'm not talking tricky good, but tricky as in so in love with a slow play they will pass up value with a huge hand by checking all the way to the river, 'bad" tricky"). This type of "bad tricky" player will pretty much HAVE to bet on the river, and you can probably call that bet with less danger.

    Hope it helps!


    (By the way, you are right, the analysis section is not really the right place for this. This forum really is for just hands to be posted and looked at, and the NL Cash game side forum is where general questions go. I will move it to the appropriate forum if you don;t mind! Thanks for the question though, it can make for a great discussion!)
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