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2NL fullring KK

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  • 2NL fullring KK

    27/5 over 66 there anything i could do here? Should i consider him flopping sets or having AA? Is the min donkbet and then shove from a passive player sign of strength? What postflop stats do we look here(or ingeneral) for some more info ?

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    Hi Nee.

    The villain is very passive. Your hand is uber strong though, so I see nothing wrong with 3betting him pre flop. When you do that, you set yourself up for a low SPR, that again, favors trying to get in with your over pair on most board textures.

    When he donk leads small on this pretty dry flop, you really need info OTHER than what a typical HUD will show you. To wit: you want to know if he has shown down any OTHER hands that he donk min led, then called a 3bet, and if so, what sort of strength did they have.

    At the micro stakes, it is can be RARE that a person showing these particular stats (27/5) would donk lead small, then shove over a 3bet, without a hand that can beat 1 pair. Still, this guy is wide enough pre flop in his start standards to possibly over value a hand like QQ or AJ here. If we input all sets, plus AJ/AA/QQ your equity is: 49.379%.

    The money added to the pre flop pot by your 3bet and his call, plus the donk lead and your flop raise means you are getting about 1.6 to 1 to call his shove, and would need about 38.5% equity to break even. With the SPR created pre flop, if you look beyond your HUD and see ANY indication he might shove top/top or QQ, you pretty much have to call...The problem with just looking at a HUD is that it will only tell you how often he does something, not what TYPES of hands he does it on.

    For that, you really have to look beyond your HUD to know if a villian who is this passive pre flop might shove over your flop raise with a lesser 1 pair hand or not.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      if someone bets the big blind you should just ignore it... imagine if he check-raises you allin here.. As JD said it is a dry board so, there is not much he can semibluff with, usually when micro stakes players ship allin they generally have it specially on a dry board as this, my first thought when he shoved was 44 / 77. his min-raise pre indicates that he doesn´t have a real big hand and he doesn´t want to play a big pot. there is a slight offchance that he has a hand as AJ and KJ but I doubt, since most players tend to check-call. umbup:


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        Villain range: Limps early position then calls a middle position raise. Likely a small pocket pair.

        Flop: Rather dry. The $.02 bet doesn't mean much overall, but with a passive player on a dry board the alarm bells should already start tingling atleast. When you raise and he reraises all-in, think about his preflop range. If he basically only has a small to medium pocket pair here he is never reraising on a J high flop unless he hit a set.

        When you get reraised all-in on flop it is a fold vs 27/5 passive villain with no additional reads.



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