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2NL full ring QQ

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  • 2NL full ring QQ

    villain- 26/12 over 68 hands..I think the 3bet should have been bigger..What do we make out from the donkbet here and the shove?Is he more likely to have hands like JJ,1010,99 or hands like AA,KK,77,88,55 ..Would he be doing that with any other type of hands? ..Please Comment..

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    Hi Nee.

    Your 3bet pre flop versus a 12% raise range is going to give you pretty solid equity at 69.9%, and even if we tighten his range a bit to 9% (due to the limper in EP), your still be on 68.3% equity.

    If we drop the bottom 2% from his call range for a 3bet, and look at that call range as just 88+, AQo+, AQs+ (5.6%), you still have around 60.5% equity with QQ.

    The SPR you created by 3betting and being called was 4.2, so that favored you going on just an over pair.

    When he donk leads, I think your raise on the flop was a bit small though, and I think I would have made it more around 63c to go (3 times the lead bet amount); a raise of the donk lead was certainly in order.

    When you do raise, and he jams, you are faced with a call of $1.41 to win $2.82, and are getting exactly 2 to 1 to call with your over pair. this means you need only 33.3% equity to break even on a call.

    Here is your equity against JUST pp 55+, which includes all sets, all paired oesd (with 66), and all over pairs.

    Text results appended to pokerstove.txt

    6,057,559 games 5.015 secs 1,207,888 games/sec

    Board: 5h 7h 8s

    equity win tie pots won pots tied
    Hand 0: 46.690% 44.49% 02.20% 2695196 133066.00 { QQ }
    Hand 1: 53.310% 51.11% 02.20% 3096231 133066.00 { 55+ }

    QQ has 44.5% equity versus that ENTIRE range, and is easily a call in this spot.

    You played it fine, but he played his KK 'better" in terms of not alerting you pre flop to his big pocket pair.

    It happens, but with a strong chance he might ship on ANY over pair, as well as sets, there is not a lot you can do when he flats a 3bet with KK.

    Good hand, bad luck.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner



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