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Not seeing enough flops

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  • Not seeing enough flops

    I play no limit cash games, 9 to a table within a range of 10/25c - 50c/$1. I can average say 150 hands in a session and in most circumstances at the conclusion of the session find I have only seen the flop say 4 - 7% of hands played. I fairly seldom win a straight but miss out on plenty through not being in certain hands. Logic tells me I am too tight and and should I be playing more suited connectors in late position since if you are not seeing flops then you cant win. What should I do to remedy this leak in my game?

    Brent from New Zealand

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    hi Brent i play 6 max not full ring but i think you have the right idea. if you feel you are to tight preflop, open up your game. play the suited connectors and more broadway cards from late position. if you don't feel comfortable opening up, try playing the lower limits until you are. that way you can "play" around and not lose to much. just to get you thinking, in 6max i play about 25-35% of hands in a session of about 150 hands (depending on the table dinamics). 6max is a lot more aggressive than fr and my style is loose agressive not tight agressive. just remember this. you can open a pot loosely but to call an open you have to be tighter. try to steal more from the cutoff and button. if you find yourself at a tight table open up more to steal the blinds. if you are at a loose aggressive table, find another one. the best advice i can give you is to check out the video section. there are videos for FR cash. but also check out the ones on 6max. i hope it helps, gl at the tablesumbup:



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