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2NL JJ Little info on villain.

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  • 2NL JJ Little info on villain.

    Been at the table for 4 hands and the villain has been in 3 opening 2 of them, not seen any showdowns yet. Can't remember his betting line in the previous hands but but over 4 hands this info is probably not much use anyway as it is such a tiny sample size.
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    As he is short stacked i thought it would be better to shove to push out the other caller, also i didn't want to flat his raise as i'm pretty much commiting my self to any flop that doesn't have an overcard. Question is, is it profitable to get all in pre like this with little to no info on the opponent? Also if he was deeper stacked (80BB+) would it still be a good play? Thanks for any help
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    Pretty huge shove. I don't see a problem flatting and getting it in on any flop without two overcards. I think 4-betting to like 45¢ and calling off is fine as well. I think you're way too deep to be 4-betting all in with the button in the hand. Any 4-bet should be enough to get rid of the button unless he has a monster anyway. Plus you could make a case for getting away from JJ if you 4-bet and the button ships it as his smoothcall/5-bet range would be sick strong, rather than jamming 75 BBs into the abyss against AA/KK.
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      y hold.
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        well played


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            Hi Croyd,

            I think your play is fine here. I prefer to 4B and isolate on the short stack over flatting for sure as I don't want to invite the button in to overcall, since he'll have position on us and we will usually be squeezed between him and the SB's flop c-bet then post, not a good spot to put ourselves in. I'm really not worried about the button flat/back raising as it's so rare anyway and not happening much at all in 2NL.

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