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25nl Fullring.. Medium Pair

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  • 25nl Fullring.. Medium Pair

    So I have no reads on the players. I have 88 and for me it is a medium pair and after a raise for me I behave like a small pair with it. Guy A raises from early and I call but it is reraised and the original raiser calls, question comes here since we are approx 100bb deep I did well to call ey since it is a multiway pot. Luckily they both check the flop and I turn a set on the turn but the river pairs and there is also flush for my opponent. 1) I do have to call preflop since the reraise was called right and how do you calculate it? 2) I have one of the top possible hand but not the nuts what would your line be? ( remember I have no reads here) 3) If Guy A doesn't have the nuts he might have AK or AQ here so in that case he most probably will get scared of the flush or the possible fullhouse so my river bet was good or? I did not feel safe to stack cause iether he has the nuts or has me beat or he will not pay me off. Earlier I had a fullhouse with AQ and another guy had a fullhouse with AA so that effected me a bit in this hand but over all was it good? He had AKoff Thanks in advance Etienne
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    Hi Etienne,

    I'll answer them in order:

    1) No, this is not a correct call, this is actually a fold. You are basically set mining as you won't be able to continue past the flop to any reasonable c-bet (sheer luck the preflop 3-bettor didn't follow up with a c-bet imo). In order to profitably set mine, I am generally looking for about 15-1 in implied odds (especially out of position to the 3-bettor like you are). You have to call $2.63 more to see the flop so at 15-1 implied odds you'd need to realistically be able to win about $39.45 when you flop a set. The villain only has $21 left though so the money just isn't deep enough. You basically need action from both players post flop to get the numbers to work, and that is unlikely. This isn't a huge mistake calling to set mine in this spot, but I think over time it will be costing you money.

    2 & 3) I think your bets are too small personally. Since no one bet the flop we shouldn't be overly concerned that someone made a flush on the turn, but certainly it's possible someone turned a flush draw... I think we can get a lot more value than a half pot bet here, if the preflop 3-bettor has a big pair with a diamond he'll call, and the other guy can easily have a big ace or smaller flopped set that he slowplayed on the flop, and those are going to call bigger bets as well. If they both don't have anything they won't call, but they won't call a half pot bet either in that case. I would be betting at least $7.50 on the turn.

    On the river your small bet just loses a lot of value. First of all we have the effective nuts (AA or 22 would have very likely been betting or raising sooner in the hand), so there should be no concern at all about getting our stack in. You're concerned about losing to the nuts, and it's good to think about that in the context of ranging your opponent, but there are only 2 specific hands that beat you and the way the villain has played on prior streets makes both these hands extremely unlikely imo.

    With the size of the pot being 22.35 and the villain only having 15.75 left we can expect to get called by any ace hand here (if he called the turn chasing a flush draw he won't call any bet size anyway). So just put him all in.

    Hope this helps,
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