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200 - 400NL live Jacks Full vs Calling Station

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  • 200 - 400NL live Jacks Full vs Calling Station

    Hey guys,

    I usually play a lot live as well as online, me and a friend had a short stay this weekend. My friend was playing the hand and I was spectating.
    We were about 10 hands in and he hadn´t played a hand. Preflop there was some aggresive action(mostly from me). so the calling station limped in (this guy called down twice with bottom pair and it ended up in a showdown) and he was stuck for about 100 euro´s already. My friend looked down at JJ on the button and decided to raise to 10 (5X). Everybody else folded and the guy called.

    CS stack 140 euro
    gerke stack 120 euro

    the flop came down

    Ad Jd 6s

    CS checked and gerke bet 10 (half pot) CS called.

    turn came down Ac

    CS checked and gerke continued for 20 euro another half pot bet, CS called.

    river was the 2s

    The board read:

    Ad Jd 6s Ac 2s

    The calling station said you got an Ace? and then shipped allin.
    Gerke called with Jakcs full over Aces and the CS showed Aces full over dueces

    he held As 2c

    should you consider folding the river for 80 euro more in a 60 euro pot?

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    Hi Sjekkk.

    No, I do not think I don't think I'd fold.

    SPR going to the flop was a bit under 6, and the villain can easily have just an Ace here. His coffee house table chat, and the fact he launched a pot over bet after some leading chat CAN be troubling, but I'm not going to be so troubled by it I'd risk a fold to something like A7.

    I do, however, think I'd favor betting more on the flop than half pot if the opp was a true calling station. That could have facilitated a bigger bet on the turn, and charges the guy more for his loose calling ways.

    Making it around 20 to go on the flop builds the pot to 60 + blinds, and leaves 90 in your friend's stack. Your friend could then not look totally out of line shipping the remainder of his stack; calling station with an A is never folding when he hits trips.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner



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