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AQo in SB - Call or 3-bet?

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  • AQo in SB - Call or 3-bet?

    4NL 6max cash game. I just recently started playing again so have no reads on anyone at this point.

    It is folded to the villain on the cutoff. Villain is at multiple tables, buying in for $4 and using auto-rebuy. I suspect he is a TAG regular. After 164 hands he has VP13/PR10. No doubt his range is much wider on the button, but on cutoff I don't see any reason to assume his range is a ton wider.

    Here are the pre-flop odds against a 14.6% opening range:

    So is it better to 3-bet against this villain or call from the SB?

    Calling will leave his range wider post-flop, but leaves me at a big disadvantage being out of position and without the initiative. It also gives the BB odds to come along.

    3-betting will most likely fold out the BB and cause the villain to fold out his weaker hands. If I don't take down the pot right there, I am heads up and out of position on the flop. I would however have the initiative. If I get 4-bet by the BB or villain it should be an easy fold.

    I decided to call this hand and play it safe. Upon review though I feel 3-betting is the better play. What do you guys think?

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    I think you should do both some of the time. I like calling better than 3-betting in general though, as you keep his weaker hands (weaker aces particularly) in his range and don't have to worry about being 4-bet off your hand. Against a 4NL TAG 4-bet range your AQ is garbage, but you're way ahead of his LP opening range. Also, with AQ offsuit you are mostly looking to play fairly small pots for your likely top pair hits, by calling you keep the pot small. This guy probably won't be calling your 3-bet much, so 3-betting AQ really turns it into a bluff that will never really bluff out a better hand (small pairs you're flipping with don't count). I'd much rather 3-bet/fold with a hand like K4s or A5o since you are very unlikely to get a call and have to worry about being dominated postflop out of position. Against a looser player who will call a 3-bet with hands like AJ and smaller though, be inclined to 3-bet for value, and then you will also have a smaller PSR postflop, which favors one pair hands.
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      Hi RockerGuyAA

      I think your Pre Flop call is fine with no info on the opp.

      If you are not certain about how well you can continue versus the open raiser's range with AQo for a 4bet, you probably should play it for a flat oop. You really do not want to miss a chance to see the flop with your hand here, and by 3betting into an unknown opponent you may do exactly that.

      Had you caught this hand with the info you show in the screen, I would agree a 3bet is better than flatting usually. He shows stats that are pretty unlikely to 4bet you light, and you pretty strongly test him with a 3bet pre. With the initiative, you can also tend to represent a wider variety of flops that "fit" you, and this puts a lot of the hands he might just call a 3bet on in some trouble, and get you folds on continuation.

      But without info, I'd really prefer to see a flop with AQo, and to do that, you are probably better off flatting.

      Hope it helps.

      Last edited by JDean; Mon Apr 09, 2012, 10:12 PM.
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        Thanks for the reviews guys! umbup:
        Originally posted by JDean View Post
        Hi RockerAAGuy
        LOL Been here a year and you don't remember my screename???


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          Originally posted by RockerguyAA View Post
          Thanks for the reviews guys! umbup: LOL Been here a year and you don't remember my screename???
          what are you talking about! I got your name right, look above!
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