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2NL fullring AA

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  • 2NL fullring AA

    The villain was playing 20/2 from 61 hands....basically he was playing very passive..he limped AK preflop a hand before..and was betting only when he has it...After the donk bet on the flop..i was pretty sure he has something..but couldnt figure out what exactly? He could have had an over pair like 99 ,1010,JJ which he flatted preflop..QQ less likely though..or he could have 22 or 33 or 88....A8 can be ruled out as he was too passive for that...but to be sure i min raised for value and for info..when i get 4bet ..i was almost convinced i m beat here most of the times..Wanted to ask if it is a fold here? Somehow i couldnt fold and fortunately hit the turn ...Should i have played the flop differently?
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    Hi Nee0903!

    A micro stakes guy this passive is never 3betting you without being able to beat a 1 pair hand...ANY 1 pair hand.

    The donk lead itself is not necessarily a signal you are beat. The stats this guy is playing could easily see him flatting your raise from the blind on around a 5% or so range, and if you weight his 5% toward pp (that he can set mine on), he could easily believe something like TT or JJ+ is best here. He may think you are on un-paired overs, and seek to price you off that draw with a donk lead (much like he sought to price you off a possible FLUSH DRAW when he flopped the nut hand, see?).

    Since he could have hands like that in his range, I really like your thought of raising immediately for value. Personally, I have an aversion to min betting, and would have preferred to make it more like 25c to 30c to go over his 11c donk lead though; your bet choice will simply look too strong to a QQ/JJ type hand in my opinion.

    Still, since your goal is also to see where you STAND in relation to that donk lead in case you ARE beat, your show of strength with a stronger seeming "tiny" raise is cheaper if he gives you the signal you are no good. He did give you that signal when he 3bet, but you missed it...

    You got VERY LUCKY to spike the turn for your 2 out-er, but you really should have mucked to the 3bet; those 2 out-ers do not come very often at all!

    Hope it helps!


    (P.S. i like the fact you got him in when you did spike the 2 out-er. In that spot you have the "practical nut hand", because this guy is NEVER donk leading 45 on his passive stats. Make him get 'em in with his now 1 out-er all day long! )
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      The biggest thing here is what this guy's post flop play is like. Preflop stats provided indicate he's super passive pre. So he can certainly have hands like TT/JJ that he calls and sees the flop with. Will he donk/3b those on an 8 high flop? If he is also passive post flop, the answer is no. We looked at a hand similar to this in live training last night, the Team Full Ring Challenge review meeting. The villain there was post flop AF 1.0 and Agg% 11, and put in a big raise to our flop c-bet. , we had an overpair of Q's on a 489 2 diamond board. Super passive guys are never putting in a big flop raise with TT or JJ on this board. They are not ever making a big semi-bluff raise, that's now how super passive guys play draws... they call with them. They will show us a set virtually all the time here (or 89s if loose enough preflop, our villain in the training was not even close). In this case it's the same thing nee... we only have 12 hands of data where he's seen the flop so the stats are very subjective, but if so far he has always played passively in those hands, your AA is very unlikely to be good when he 3b's.

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          Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
          ... we only have 12 hands of data where he's seen the flop so the stats are very subjective, but if so far he has always played passively in those hands, your AA is very unlikely to be good when he 3b's. Dave
          Sorry i forgot to mention some more info i had on the villain..There were 2 hands in which i observed his play both of them he had AKoff..In one hand he limped it pre and it went XXX to the showdown with no pair...and the other hand posted above..It was this hand that kindof confused me a little..because an extemely passive guy shoudnt be doing this with so many players involved and only an AKoff.. Read more: 2NL fullring AA - PokerSchoolOnline Forum
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