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5nl 6max AK-how was my line here?

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  • 5nl 6max AK-how was my line here?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi everyone, This hands a pretty straightforward one,my opponent was a tag type player,playing stats of vpip:24 pfr:21.i decided to flat call preflop because my opponent had not 3bet once through around 50 hands, plus i have position postflop and would have an spr of just under 6 so i tryed to keep his range as wide as i could. Given the spr i got the money in postflop on a pretty friendly board,but after the hand i was thinking that i played a little bit passively preflop and could have tryed to get all the money in pre, i think at times i can be a bit too tentative with AK and not give it the treatment it deserves ,especially given it was a button/blind battle. What do u guys think?

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    Hi Nashy!

    I think your pre flop line is fine in light of the fact the opp had not yet 3bet.

    In your spot you will find it a bit hard to 4bet his entire stack and get called by worse (pot was 55c and you;d have had to 4bet to $5.16 to get him in ). This means you run the risk of him FLATTING your 4bet, then donk leading into you for an amount that is quite committing. As you'd not have a pair at all about 2/3rds of the time, even if he checks the flop to your 4bet, you will find yourself in a "yuck" spot a lot of the time, so I'd rather flat jsut as you did to make a possible flop fold less expensive.

    When you bink top/top though and he C/R's you, I think THAT is the point I'd get him in...

    Sure he could have AA, a flopped set, or a free roll (with AKs), but as you said, the SPR set up pre flop favors you going ahead and getitng them in. Since he showed every indication that he too is ready to go, you may as well make him do so before a scary card falls on the turn that could cost you a chance to do so later.

    Flatting the C/R does not "help" you much, as his NEXT action is most certainly going to be to get them in. What do you do if a 3rd spade falls, FOLD?

    If that is the case, and you are worried about top/top being good, you probably should not flat the C/R at all...

    ...of course THAT would be pretty weak, right?

    So in my opinion, just getting him in on the flop is probably better than the line you took here, but your pre flop line looks fine to me.

    Hope it helps!

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      I agree with JDean. Yes it is blind on blind battle, but if that is the first time in 50 hands he has 3-bet you or anyone for that matter, safer to assume he isn't 3-betting light. Against a heavier 3-bet range, flatting with AKo in position is ok. After doing that and then being check-raised on the flop I think you have no choice but to get stacks in immidiately. Unlikely he has a set of 4's, most people won't 3-bet with that low of a pair. Unlikely he has a set of K's since your holding one. He could have hit his set of 8's. His 3-bet preflop to check flop then the reraise is a wierd line. It definitely raises red flags and makes me worried about a hand like set of 8's. Still though, without any additional reads on opponent I don't think you can afford to get away from the hand after betting the flop. He could be holding AK as well or even bluffing a medium pocket pair.

      Calling his flop check-raise accomplishes nothing. Your best cards to improve on the turn are the two K's and against a hand like set of 8's, underpair, or AK it doesn't change anything. Also you have to worry about another spade then which will hurt your chances of winning and your chances of getting paid off by worse hands.

      One important piece of information you left out is how light have you been raising the button? Even if you have raised every button over the last 50 hands, I would not automatically assume villain is taking a stand and 3-betting you light. If he starts 3-betting you every other orbit from the blinds then you can start to adjust his 3-betting range.

      And one more thing, nothing is ever really straightforward in poker.


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        By the way...

        If this guy were a nit, you could easily fold to the C/R, even top/top. 24/21 is hardly nitty though (and it is pretty aggro), and I'd REALLY think he is more likely to be "testing" your BTN raise more than i'd think he has flopped a monster.
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