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Fear afraid etc...

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  • Fear afraid etc...

    hi guys,

    I have a big problem ,i'm very afraid to make (''risky'') moves.I dont know why ,but every time when i'm betting when i have i hand,im really afraid that my opponents have a better hand than me.
    For example,im holding 99 heads-up 6 ring table 0.01/0.02 at zoom and the flop comes like J 9 2,I'm out of position so i was about to bet my set,my opponent re-raised me and i thought like,does my opponent really have a set of Jacks? After all,i re-raised him again (it call 4 bet i think) and at the very end,it was an all-in for as result,i folded my set because i was really afraid that he have a better hand than me.
    Maybe one more example,also at zoom table.I was holding QsJs with 2 opponents,i was in position and raised 3x BB +1BB for every opponent in the hand.Flop comes Qh Jh and 5d,I was thinking,i was in position and my opponents didnt bet,so i decided to bet 1/3 of the pot+1BB of every player ,1 folded and the other check raised me ,i thought &(*&( ,does he really have a set of 5 Q or J and you know as result,folded my 2 pair........
    I really need some help ,advice from you guys to play with convidence and not to be afraid ......
    hope you guys will help me ...

    thanks guys !

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    There is a poker theorem that states 'you're oppopnent never has anything' or something to that effect (aejones theorem i believe). Basically it is not saying that you always have the best hand but that when you do hold a good hand your opponent does not necassarily have a better hand just because they bet out. For example in your hand with a set of 9's if your opponent is pretty loose he may be willing to get it all in with TPTK on that board, however if he is a complete nit then he is probably only getting it in with the nuts. Observing and making notes on your opponents will help you decide when to call raise or fold. You will not be a winning player if you are playing scared poker you have to trust your reads and if you think you're good and your opp shoves then hell yeah get it all in! Obviously i'm not saying that you should be getting it all in every time you make any sort of hand but don't play scared not willing to lose the money you have at the table, because if you are then yes you will never lose the max but you'll also never be winning the max either. Trust your reads and play good poker umbup: Best of luck at the tables
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      Hi! hbhuang341,

      Firstly a very warm welcome to PSO and the forum from team PSO. Here is a link "Welcome to Pokerschoolonline" which will help you to navigate your way around the website and the forums.

      Here is the thing, you don't really want to play scared poker. You have to take risk and chances in good spots. For example in your second example Qs,Js hand, what are the chances that your opp is holding Q,Q or J,J? I mean its possible but highly unlikely as two Q's and two J's are accounted for so its very unlikely that the opp is holding Q,Q or J,J. The opp could possibly have 5,5 in that spot as they called your raised pre-flop and against that you still have outs to improve. But more like the opp could be making a move with strong combo flush/straight draw. So you have to take chances in these kind of spots.

      Similarly in the other hand you middle set is a too strong hand to be folding to one bet. I would atleast call on the flop and evaluate the situation on the turn. Unless you have strong reads on the opp that he/she is only gona play like that with a top set, you have to go with it IMO and if the opp has a better hand then yours so be it. That is part and parcel of poker.

      I would recommend making use of the hand analysis section. Try posting some hands where you found yourself in tough spots. You will get a good feed back from hand analyzers and members. Posting hands and discussing with other members helped my game many folds so I highly recommend it.

      I hope this helps and good luck at the tables.



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        Start to work on ranging your opponents. Your opponent doesn't have a hand, they have a range of hands. On a J92 board 99 is the 2nd nuts. Raising is going on. Can the opponent have JJ? Sure, that's one hand in the opponents range. Are their others? Of course. A set of 2's, overpairs, AJ, J9, maybe a straight draw being played aggressively. There are easily enough worse hands in his range that you should be willing to stack off a set of 9's on this flop all the time, this is never a correct fold. When you approach it from the perspective of ranging, you'll be making much better decisions... understanding that sometimes the outcome of an individual trial will be that he tables JJ. Over thousands of trials though you'll be way ahead (thus is the nature of +EV) since he will more often than not table a worse hand.
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          You need to believe in yourself more mate. But do not despare. Use all the time possible and if you want training use even play money to give you confidence. I would ask you to use a hud and it will help you more. And you don t fold sets unless a v v v rare case, remember that super agressive players want you to fold good hands and want you to see monsters in every situation. With that set you against such an opponent and with that board you should reraise him and even shove it. And even on the other hand with 2biggest pair, if they happen to have better it is poker and you must say nice hand if you shove and are ahead and they catch the miracle card on the river you would still have done the right thing! So feel position, fold more, maybe even be more patient but if you have such a big hand post flop you have to bet till they drop death as if they are calling and reraising and you have that hand usually is the best possible scenario.. But I recommand a hug, single tabling of course, use all the time before hitting the button and try to improve the reading skills, and post your trouble hands, and make note. In this site there are so many videos by Dave that touch many of your issues.. Maybe these will help you :-) ... and others too. Hope it helps.. and play solid, after that if you have the near nuts usually you don t fold but push. Etienneumbup:


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            Thank you all,i'll try my best !~


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              I to am playing scared. If i'm in a tourney and don't make a hand early on I just turtle and watch my chips go down. Just today I was getting alot of j2,q3,96 etc. very bad starting hands then when I do get something like pkt 5 I think theres no way I can win after seeing jk8 on the flop. So I check and fold. Its tough to watch your chips going down with the blinds while you wait for anything half decent like pk10 or better. I end up playing A5o hoping to get an ace and don't.
              What makes it worse when you go all-in with AKs and the chip leader wins with a pair of 3's

              I feel for you.

              Good luck and hope we both can get through it!!!


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                Hi Guys,
                I know this exact feeling all too well and a while back i worked out what it was ( for me anyway). If i deposit $20 and play a $8 sng, i get the exact feelings that are described above BECAUSE my head tells me ''can't afford to lose 50% of my BR'' and i play very poorly due to being so scared! BUT if i am playing maybe $2 sng then i don't get scared at all because i know i have other chances if i bust. Playing scared is a sure way of loosing your cash! Maybe try t stick to lower limits maybe that will help....only going from my experience, everyone is different of course.





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