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  • Bb/100

    Math question...

    Does anyone of you know how to calculate the win rate / big blind?

    Ex. if you play 1000hands at a 10c 25c blinds and you win let us say 150$ what is your win rate at that level?
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    Etienne Pace

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    (150/0.25) / (1000/100) = 60.


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      Cheers for that, and what is a good or v good win rate on 0.25nl please?



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        wow - that is great, wish i could achieve that.


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          Originally posted by etipac View Post
          Cheers for that, and what is a good or v good win rate on 0.25nl please? Etienne
          You're smashing it. And if you achieve just half that rate after 10,000 hands you'll still be smashing it umbup:


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            Win rate is irrelevant over 1K hands, it's just way too small a sample size. 60bb/100 at this point would simply mean you've run extremely good over a small sample. Not trying to burst your bubble if these are your actual numbers, but it is possible to be a losing player and be up 5 buy ins over 1K hands if you run hot (likewise it's possible to be a long term winning player and be stuck 5 buy ins over 1K hands when running bad).

            I wouldn't even consider win rate until you hit 10K hands, and even then consider it only very loosely... really you want 50K+ hands (and 100K is even better) before you start drawing some conclusions about your win rate.

            As to what is a good win rate, the answer I usually like to give is "anything that's green". I'm only half joking... the majority of players are not winning players so if you're win rate is positive over a large sample, this is a good thing.

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              Also, there's a difference between bb/100 and BB/100. bb stands for "big blinds" and BB stands for "big bets", where one big bet is two big blinds. If you're over 8 BB/100 (over a large sample, of course) you're pretty much crushing that limit and just keep grinding and improving your game until you can take shots at higher levels.




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