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  • Problem

    First post here so pleased to meet you all and if I am going against some rules I appologize!

    Is it worth of having a strategy like this? Please check and comment on what I should add.

    I usually play around 4tables and choose the ones which are very active and have big pots in them.

    Usually I play @ 10/25c NL. Fullring.

    So I play around 15 % of hands, Raise around 8 %.

    I always buy in for 100bb.

    I play small pocket pairs with a limp preflop and if someone raises I call if it gets reraised I fold as I would not have good pot odds. If I am in late position I usually raise them and bet the flop too, if it is a board like with high cards I try to represent a premium pair or the highest card.

    Flush draws and Straight draws usually I try when possible to stay to pot odds. Combo draws if I know a guy calls light I would play them for stacks.

    When I raise I raise x4bb if I am first to go into the pot or if I have a big premium and need to reraise I make it x3 the initial raiser, if there is a call to the initial raiser I make it x4.

    If someone raises and there is at least 1caller I will call with suited connectors or 1 or 2gappers.

    If someone raises and I have suited connectors or gappers I call from the button.

    I do not mess with those who have a short stack up to 60bb deep with my current rules as it is not worth the pot odds.

    If I have a big pair I will push it hard 3/4 to pot size bets unless the board might be too ugly or shove on the turn if I know a player plays flush draws and straight draws all the time.

    Sets It depends if I am in a multipot or single and on the redraws my opponent might have but usually if it is dry I try to conceal them if the board has 2spades for example I prefer to reraise or lead big cause the next card might freeze the action.

    Steal I usually don t steal much but as soon as I sit down I try to test the other guys on the SB and BB...

    Bluffs I usually don't do much but if I do I need to pick the good player and make a good story to it, like a flush on the river or a board like 994 or the like.

    Never try to bluff a calling station. But bet him till he dies.

    Please if I forgot something or something I wrote is wrong please point it out.

    The usual raise is usually x4bb but if I know a guy calls and plays everything I raise even x8bb or x10bb.

    My issues right now are 2.

    1) 3betting.. Usually I do not often steal, usually on the average 30% from button and 35% from SB and depends against who, usually I test them too to check if the guy is passive. Though if you raise with AJ offsuit from the cutoff or button and the SB or BB reraises you x3 or x4 I am not sure if I have to fold. Kindly make your view.

    2) AK... Problem hand as if someone raises and I 3bet he at times 4bets or shoves... Kindly instruct too. @ 100bb or the like is shoving preflop AK a good thing or? As being on a coin flip 50% approx. is too much of luck?

    Kindly advice and correct or give more info I might have forgotten..

    PS.. Tonight I tried my strategy after days of planning it and on 10c25c nl full ring I managed to get 160$ from 2000hands. Is it good? Maybe I finally improve.

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    Anyone guys in for a help?



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      i can't really help you,i current play 5 NL full ring. Similar strategy I use. Higher the stakes players are better and need reevaluate your hand. In 2 NL i have no problem go all in with set with flush or straights,you will be ahead most of the time. For 3betting,really need to read your opp. Loose and not a good player you are ahead(not always),tight player you really want to fold. In your recent post i notice that you using HUD so that can be helpful in those decisions. Drawing hands like AJ can be dangerous,first you nedd to flop something and then you never now it's good enough. Most of the time i avoid this situation.

      AK hand it's a funny thing. Couple weeks ago i was using HUD. With AKs im earning and with AKo im losing. In cash games i wiil go with my AK against shorter stack,loose players, man who can be on a tilt. But usualy i want to see the flop. look poker stove and then you can evaluate if that wiil be profitable. I'm stiil think that you need observe your opp.

      That's a lot of money.I cant calculate your win rate,but i think thats 0,08$ per hand.$ tables you can play 240 hand per hour(even more) so you make decent money. In my country hour of working its paid arround 5-6$ so you can live here with that money :P. You seem a decent and winning player so you can give me some advice hoow to achieve your win rate and get in to higher levels.

      Sorry for bad english.


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        Actually I have good days online and bad ones too so I started writing everything down like the bad beat hands and to see where I lack and wrote on the way at least for me how good poker is. It is already a game where luck is a good % so for me I am trying to find out where I can have an edge having said that if I get 3betted and I have a loose and aggro player who is a bit less then 100bb and I have AK I will 4bet him and if he happens to have AQ and spikes a Q you can do nothing there. Live I do much better though and I noticed it is due to concentration and iron fist keeping to my rules unless of course I have a good read.

        I am far from a good player but I want to improve and in everything that is the first step.

        That is why I posted my draft 'strategy' and my weak points so maybe here I get some help since I heard so many good things!

        Pleased to meet you btw :-)


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          it all comes down to reads. if you get 3Bet by an active opponent you can call in position or even 4Bet. if you get 3B by a nitty opponent you should probably only continue with very strong hands (AK, QQ+). and keep postion in mind. if u get 3B while u are in the SB it comes down to reads again. just remember that you will be out of position during the hand. furthermore i think you should steal more from the CutOff and Button. especially if the blinds fold a high percentage of the time. if you steal more your winrate will go up. and if you do get called you can play in postion and often take the pot with a C-Bet. i don't really think it matters what your betsizing is as long as you keep it consistent. so bet the same with your strong hands and your marginal hands. the betsizing i use is smaller (2.5BB fm the BU and 3BB from the rest, unless i have Calling stations at the table, then i make my sizes bigger). i play very aggressively, and i rarely slowplay. usually i C-B about half the pot unless the board is wet or i am up against a calling station. then i bet 75% and up. i do have to mention that i play 6max and i love my suited connectors my sugestion to you is to check out the video section. there are video's on fullring cash games there. also try a trackingsoftware. Pokertracker3 has a 60day trial and holdem manager has a 30day trial. i hope i've helped a bit Good luck at the tablesumbup:



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