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Dropping buy ins for fun!

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  • Dropping buy ins for fun!

    Today has literally been the worst day for me ever, my brain just decided to forgot that i need 5 cards for a straight so i go ahead and get it in when this guy triple barrels me only for him to roll over a set and take the pot. I was like WTF thinking stars had spazzed out i had to check in the replayer before i even realised!

    This then sends me slightly tilty and i think i'm getting bluffed so get it all in with king high! Yes not even a pair! Obviously i lose the guy had a set and i look like a complete dick. I decide to leave the table cause i'm doing so bad and think the sensible move is to go play zoom and just play a solid value range. I finallyy pick up aces and run into flopped quads, I just completely spaz don't even think that there is a paired board and get it all in on the turn (even though he called a 3-bet preflop and a pot bet on the flop)

    Long and the short of it, If you want some money come play me at poker today cause i have literally NEVER played this bad ever!

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    So 20 minutes after writing that ^^ i've calmed down a bit and feel a bit of a dick for ranting on unnecessarily but i'm not sure how to delete it. Just pretty pissed off that i was playing so bad, and needed to vent somewhere (which didn't involve kicking my cat). Still annoyed at myself for playing like i did literally the worst i've played since moving back to stars, I think i'd rather have a load of bad beats laid on me cause at least i know i'm playing okay and getting my money in good, instead of misreading the board. So yeah sorry for the unnecessary rant. Good luck at the tables guys umbup: This probably qualifies as another rant so i think i shall just leave this post for now.
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      i've gotten it in bad so many times b/c i had misread my hand, especially in omaha hi/lo. it really is the worst possible feeling in poker. u'll get over it, trust me.



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