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5nl 6max-A9 did i play my 2 pair correct?

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  • 5nl 6max-A9 did i play my 2 pair correct?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi everyone, Just wanted your thoughts on this spot that i played recently,my opponent was a ralatively tag opponent with stats of vpip:25 pfr:17 but he was stealing around 30% from late postion. i defended my blind and hit 2 pair, the spr was just over 9 so i felt like i wouldnt be folding 2pair here very often against an opponent who could have some strong Ace hands that arent AK. So did i overplay my hand here when he shows strength? Thanks
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    Hi Nashy,

    I think committing is fine here. AK and KK are certainly concerns, but he may well also stack off with K9, AQ, maybe AJ, and also for sure people would play AcXc this way on this board. Once you get raised on the flop if you just flat and check to him, you give him a chance to check it back with hands like AcXc and take a free card, so I think I like 3-betting and getting it in like you did a bit more.

    Putting that range into PokerStove I get 53% equity for you. So yeah, it's not terribly exciting but still ok to commit and get it in here imo.

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      Personally I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that many (if any, assuming some level of competency, though obviously that's not a given!) TaGs are stacking off with AJ/AQ here unless ofc it's AcJc or AcQc.

      Is he really 4 bet jamming TPGK /w what appears to be no fold equity? I think it's unlikely.

      I'd say it's more likely he'd jam /w QTcc or JTcc in "gamble-mode" (which ironically is more or less what we're in if we're ranging him correctly :P) than either of those hands. Did you win the pot Nash, what did villain show (or not show, as the case may be)?

      Edit : Just to be clear I'm not advocating folding - vs the range I assigned we were 57%.

      Also, quick question - should we discount 99, AA and A9 from his range because - in a combinatorial sense - it's so difficult for him to have them? (both when inputting to stove and as a whole)
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