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river bluff with Ts9s. 2nl.

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  • river bluff with Ts9s. 2nl.

    Last edited by rule110; Fri Apr 27, 2012, 05:44 AM.

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    Hi rule110.

    I see a lot of "me" in what that guy did!

    (or at least "me" before I slapped myself upside the head!)

    You are thinking weak pair, and you could well be right. I also think it is possible this guy has some like A6/K6 spades, or something else like that. suffice it to say, this is an over play by him...

    My "read" on his mind set is this:

    1) he probably knows a something about poker, but is overly confident.
    2) he likes to feel like a "LAG", but has not yet learned that style requires use of position too.
    3) he probably holds a little bit of "disdain" for micro stakes players, and thinks they should respect his bets more often than they do.

    At least that's my take on his mind set.

    As such, it seems to me you picked a decent spot to bluff.

    Hope it helps.


    P.S. I only answered your specific question; about the mind set of the opp. I will be honest with you, T9s is a BIT marginal for you to raise on the BTN vs this type, unless you ENTER with the intent of bluffing/semi bluffing with your positional advantage.

    As played, I think your pre flop aggression did start to tell a 'story" that you might have hit the Q, and flatting to be sure the spade does not come BEFORE raising therefore makes "sense".

    The raise on the turn then continues this story of a top pair hit pretty well, especially if you have flatted flops and shown down top pair hands on this pattern vs this opp before.

    The benefit of your turn raise also is that A) given the info it is somewhat unlikely you will get 3bet; if he FLATS, you at least know you are probably going to have to hit your flush to put anything more in and B) if he donk led on a weak hit, he probably has to fold before getting too deep.

    As such, it looks like a pretty consistent story of an AQ hand vs an aggro opp to me!
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      Last edited by rule110; Fri Apr 27, 2012, 05:44 AM.


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        Hi again Rule...

        The main reasons I said raising T9s on the BTN vs this player is a bit marginal is:

        1) He is AGGRESSIVE.

        This means it is pretty unlikely you are going to see good odds if you flop a draw, and it is unlikely single pair hands you flop are going to be the sort you can withstand a lot of action on.

        2) He has a FOLD BUTTON.

        This means he is un-likely to pay you the sort of implied odds you;d like to see if you flop a draw.

        As such, I'd really prefer to play this somewhat cheaply on the button multi way (if possible), but I am DEFINATELY thinking in terms of playing draws pretty "fast" if I flop them. By doing this I think you will put maximum pressure on his tendency to bet 2nd pair type flops, and the depth of money allows you some room to get away from 1 way draws if he 3bets you too big on many flops.

        I didn't really intend to imply that I'd NOT play this hand here (although folding it sometimes is an option, to avoid sticky "tests"), but that if you DO play it, it should really be with an eye towards trying to get deeper into his stack on flops like this one, to put the decision BACK on the opp.

        Personally, I really like your decision to delay the raise until the turn; yes, that leaves you with less chance to hit, but it also really looks like a strong Q hit that you;d tend to play like this when he donk leads, then the turn appears somewhat "blank". I know versus an aggro donk on a somewhat draw-ish board, I would tend to prefer to wait until I do NOT see a 3rd spade before raising him with top top on money this deep!

        So all in all, I really do like your line in this strong semi bluff move, as it looks exactly like an AQ might play on this depth of money...and THAT IS what I think you should have been looking for when you choose to play T9s...


        Last edited by JDean; Sun Apr 01, 2012, 12:42 PM.
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          Last edited by rule110; Fri Apr 27, 2012, 05:43 AM.



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