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struggling with when to c-bet with a marginal made hand...

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  • struggling with when to c-bet with a marginal made hand...

    So i'm currently playing 2NL and when I raise out Pre-flop with a hand like 10's or 99's, and then don't really hit the board I'm unsure when to c-bet. For example if a flop came out J 4 8 (especially if there is a draw) is it profitable to c-bet if i have this type of marginal hands. I see that it will depend on player type but what bet and for which players. I also find it hard to decide to c-bet out of position with a hand such as AQ when the flop comes out fairly high but i haven't hit. Also in both these situations am u betting for value or as a bluff?

    Sorry if this seems an obvious queston, just a spot i've been struggling with.

    Thanks for any advice

    P.s not sure if i should start loads of multiple threads as i've been reviewing some of my play and just wanted to see what everyone thinks. But shall i keep many questions/topics to one thread or a new one for each.
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    More practice thinking for me .

    The c-bet is almost inevitably profitable with mid pairs. But the difficulty that may arise stems from the pre-flop. You don't really want to see the flop, so bet accordingly to clear out as many players as possible.

    Against one-two opponents a c-bet is trivial with just one over card.
    Against 3 or more...well, there should not be 3 or more in the pot if you did the preflop right.

    c-bet when in doubt. Everyone only has 30% of making a pair anyway. Aggression often pays.

    Two overcards and 3 opponents would cause me to doubt.
    Just as 3 opponents would cause me to doubt value of 2 overcards if flop did not pair up.

    But that is just me. Lets see what the pros say.


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      I probably C-bet more when I don't hit, but it depends on the number of opponents and the texture of the board. I've found it's usually profitable to c-bet if I have the betting lead against weaker opponents, especially if my pre-flop raise was just called.

      One over, say a king if I'm holding Ax, and I usually fire. If I'm holding something like QJ and the board is K88, then I'm a little more cautious. Generally, if in doubt, fire the c-bet, it puts pressure on your opponents and their reaction to your bet gives you more information to re-evaluate your position.

      A big check raise is usually your cue to fold those 2nd pair hands, unless you have a solid read on your opponent that dictates a different reaction. As always in poker, it depends on the specific situation and your reads on your opponents.

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        Cheers for the solid advice guys I think i shall watch the langoliers video on 3-betting today. Actually i have a nice long list of stuff to watch after looking through the archive umbup:
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