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how would you play this?

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  • how would you play this?

    d tho
    Last edited by rule110; Fri Apr 27, 2012, 05:45 AM.

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    Hi Rule!

    I think pre flop, the money is deep enough to call the CO raise as a set mine.

    When you flop the set and it checks through to you though, given the info you have on the opp's I think I'd not really want to pass up a chance to build the pot. 14 hands is really not a ton of info upon which to base a decision favoring a "tricky" line as best, so I just go ahead and lead for a pretty normal looking half pot bet and hope the bully tries to bully me

    If you do not start betting immediately here, you run the risk of an action killer card coming to not get you paid off at all, or you run the risk that either opp might get a free card that beats you/. Since both seem pretty loose even on your minimal info, I think that calls for an early bet from position with your set.

    The action is really pretty weak on the turn, I mean the shorter stack leads for 10c into a 35c pot, and the bigger stack min raises; wtf could either have that they can BET like that...24, T3?

    This would really tear me apart, because I seriously doubt either opp has quite enough to call a large raise now, but I'd also REALLY not like seeing a 3rd flush card or 4th straight card on the river.

    I cannot say I "mind" flatting my set in hopes either of the opps will bet/raise again, and that also allows me to possibly improve to a boat "just in case" someone does hold a straight now. If the action were STRONGER though, I am not in fear of that straight, and would really favor an immediate 3bet. But it appears all a raise now will do is clue them in that I am on a very strong hand and cause folds.

    That is the sort of situation that could happen which makes me WANT to start building a pot earlier

    When you boat on the river and the short stack leads again, at that point you really should do exactly as you did...put him in. I mean is he really limping TT there, or is he really slow playing 55? Either is a risk I take, by getting what I can on the river. It sure LOOKS like he might have something he is willing to call on, and as this is your last chance, I definately try to take it!

    The only thing that I really disagree with in your line is the flop check...

    I think had you bet the flop, there is a chance you get a little bit more out of the big stack, and the way it played out, this really smells like a bottom pair "hit" by the short stack. I think you may well have seen him sticking around to call a flop bet, and if you then manuevered the turn (perhaps with a pretty weak bet), he probably stays to get to trips and pays you off in full anyway.

    But all in all, your line netted you pretty soild value, and I think at most you might have lost maybe 20c to 30c you could have gotten. Nice hand!

    Hope it helps.

    Last edited by JDean; Mon Mar 26, 2012, 05:59 PM.
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      My view..

      This is at least how I would play it without before reading what the reply was.

      You gave us enough info to know that if he even has a gut shot thi guy calls so with the flop come v good to you but as wet as October I am building the pot and play them fast. Oki you filled at the end but it could have been worse.

      So when it is checked to you I would lead with a at least 1/2 pot bet, on the Turn I would lead again and river you need shove and pray that one of them calls. No draws came in and you have position and you have a fullhouse meaning even if not the nuts you still need to hope that someone has something.

      Nice hand! :-)



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        Should ve defentily raised on the flop to commit the player right before you !!!


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          I´d go to this link: and never slowplay vs a very aggressive opponnent he may just reraise in to you umbup:



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