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5nl 6max AJ-was my play compromised?

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  • 5nl 6max AJ-was my play compromised?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi everyone, In this hand i wanted peoples thoughts as to weather they think i overplayed this hand against this opponent. I have to say this player was starting to really frustrate me,he was running extremely hot and i felt like i could do nothing to win,their stats were vpip:72 pfr:54 over 135 hands so i considered them a bit of a maniac.I wanted to know if you think i let my feelings get the best of me here. I decided to get the money in on the flop to avoid some tough decisions later in the hand when he would put plenty of pressure on i thought he could have some worse J's and draw hands. What do u guys think?

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    Hi Nashy,

    I think you overplayed the hand, yes. The worse hands you list in his range may be in his preflop raising range, and his flop min-raising range maybe? But are they really also in his range that calls a big overbet shove? Probably not so much. If the villain is playing very aggro like the stats indicate then it might be better to just let him barrel off at it, since he will certainly do that with a much wider range of hands than he'll call off with, so taking a more passive line maximizes value against him. It's important to have a plan for your hand that maximizes value, then there are no tough decisions or pressure by him because you already know how you plan to respond.

    Keep in mind when you talk about not wanting to face pressure, you're really saying face a stack decision and not be sure what to do. This is why commitment decisions are so important, once you have a plan you already know what to do. Maybe against this villain with top/top it's check/call all action since he's so over-aggro, to maximize value by inducing him to make more of his favorite mistake. The alternative you took to avoid any decisions, just pushing in, can't be any better because now your stack is in the middle vs. a range that may be strong and can never include bluffs. Vs. a villain who is super aggro, we usually do better keeping bluffs in their range.

    Also, I would quit the table or at least sit out and go take a walk, before this hand ever happened. If the guy is tilting you, take a break and get your emotions under control so you don't make mistakes and start spewing.
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      hey nash,

      unfortunately I must say this is a very bad play, even if this is a maniac he might call this overbet with a flush draw, but all the other hands he is supposed to call this big bet have you beat.

      This is again a nice spot to 3bet PFR, you are out of position and with a wide range that he might play you will take it down more often than not.

      However calling is fine too, against a maniac or a wild bluffer it is best to transform into a hand reading calling station..

      check-call the flop check-eveluate the turn and river if you decide to continue, Remember maniacs´ big mistake is that they bluff too much..

      let them bluff off their money just like dave said.

      Aggression will only counter aggression when the opponnent is keen and not gambly by nature such as a TAG, but not the maniac.

      if a flush card hits the river and a maniac player bets big that usually represents a weak hand, because they want to rep it..

      I think I would have check-called this guy all the way and if he had QQ + good for him better luck next time.


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        thanks alot for the advice guys it helps heaps,
        I just lost it a bit in this spot i think, as you said Dave i needed to keep his bluffs and worse hands in there rather than shut them out with the flop shove.And i certainly needed to get up and take a walk.
        Thanks for the Advice


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          thanks also Sjekkkk for ur analysis i'll certainly be a better player if i learn from these spots



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