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5nl 6max-right play against this opponent?

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  • 5nl 6max-right play against this opponent?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi everyone, just wanted everyones thoughts on this hand and wanted to know if i'm just paranoid or if against certain opponents (passive) that even big hands need to be folded against river raises. my opponent in this hand had stats of vpip:54 pfr:12 over 40 hands, my thinking in the moment was that i could still beat quality in this spot,some worse 4's, flushes,3's full and maybe some straights. But i am fully aware that when players like these raise confidently on the river it usually means extreme strength, close to nuts. maybe i could have flatted his raise on the end but as i said i felt like i could still beat a range of hands here. Whats your thoughts?

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    Hi Nashy.

    Monster flop.

    You pounded value in on the flop and turn, and as you got paid off on the flop by both opps on the flop, and by 1opp on the turn. I assume you bet such a large % of the pot BECAUSE they will call light. Nicely done.

    Can you be beaten here, yes.

    But as there are quite a few hands this pretty weak opponent may over value enough to raise the river, I am not certain flatting his river raise would be great. I mean a player showing these types of very weak stats could easily see a hand like A4 as a "monster", and try to play "tricky" against you by waiting until the river to raise.

    Hands that beat you:

    You hold a blocker to the better 4x hands here, and even this guy would probably raise QQ UTG pre flop, so only 55 is a truly strong threat in my opinion. given the strength you showed though, there is a chance you might trigger an immediate turn raise if/when he hit his set.

    Hands you beat that might bet this way:
    33/flushes/stronger 4x hands

    If the river were not a club, I do not like the thought of 3betting his stack in, but with the added chance of him chasing the flush and getting there I think the balance tilts VERY slightly toward a risk being worthwhile to put him in.

    If he has a bigger boat, so be it; if he doesn't I get his entire stack. The risk seems worth it in my opinion.

    Hope it helps.

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      well played,

      just like JD said if you know you´re opponent is calling many hands a big bet is nice altough in general you want to bet a little less that it looks like a bluff, so that people will raise you. and then again if you know that you´re opponent is superbluffy you can minraise him back for value.

      I think the guy had AA and you got his whole stack