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2NL K4s BB against SB call

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  • 2NL K4s BB against SB call

    Hi, I would like to have this hand evaluated, I believe I made correct calls all the way, but don't know if got the most value out of the hand. Maybe I could have raised pre flop, or reraised his flop 3bet (I believe he was testing my raise, so he at least had a pair), but then maybe he would have called and I would have missed having him all in. I believe against his range I made a correct call on the river, even including the probability of him having made the flush, or trips on any of the cards on the board. Since I was just getting to the table, he could even be trapping me with top pairs or AK for all I know. Thanks.

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    PS: I strongly believe he raised the river to scare me off with a possible slow played flush, that's why I called anyway.


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      Hi Cletero.

      Pre flop K4s is not the sort of hand you'd really love raising versus a short stack. The type of hand you flop is not one you really want to pay off his whole stack on a lot unless he is a very weak player.

      On the flop, top pair is usually good enough to go ahead and bet in a blind v blind situation when it is checked to you. The thing is, you were not confident enough to raise pre flop with a hand that might flop a top pair/weak kicker hand, so without info on how aggro the villain might get with various hands, do you really HAVE to bet?

      If you keep the pot small with your marginal and risky holding by checking behind on the flop, you could probably fold quite cheaply to a turn threat card. You see Cletero, without a clear "plan" for what to do with your marginal hand, controlling the pot is not a bad idea at all. By betting a weak hand behind the opp, and the CALLING when he C/R'ed you, you put yourself in a very difficult spot...

      The C/R is your big "decision point" though Cletero...

      CALLING means you are leaving just 1 more pot size bet in the opponent's stack. This sticks the opp pretty hard, but it also sticks you for the rest of his stack pretty hard too...

      - He is unlikely to fold any better hand to any move you make. You have little chance to improve to better...
      - He is unlikely to fold any decent 1 way draw to any move you make. You are probably ahead...
      - He is unlikely to fold any lesser 1 pair hand to any move you make. You are probably ahead...

      Without info as to what you think this guy might C/R, continuing in the face of the C/R is quite dangerous.

      As such, if you feel your K4 is "good" a jam is probably better than a call, as that ensures that you can get the rest of the villain's chips in most often. Really though Cletero, the post here lacks enough info to really say if a jam is good.

      When the turn completes the straight and the flush, a check by you is fine; the threat that the opp has made a better hand is just too great to rush your chips in.

      When you improve to a 2 pair hand on the river, I think you are definitely stuck can now beat many of the threats to you on the flop.

      So the long and the short of this Cletero is:

      Hope it helps.

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