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5nl 6max AQ- tough river spot, again

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  • 5nl 6max AQ- tough river spot, again

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, Now this hand is a little bit similar to a hand i posted not long ago,facing a possible allin on the river holding top 2 pair,but no Nashy hasn't gone mad i felt like this hand had a difference in that because there were no bets on the flop my opponents allin on the river was much larger. Anyway my opponent was a loose/agressive player i apologise i dont have the exact stats but i recall they were in the range of vpip:55 pfr:30 over a good sample, i folded on the end because i just felt like i was beat in that spot i dont see many micro players getting the money in there light on the river very often, but in post analysis i relised that the spr was around 9 and maybe i should have been comfortable getting the money in there being a good range for top two. So what do u guys think? As always thanks alot

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    hey nash, I am still wondering how the other AQ actually worked out? your opponent had trips? Anyway to my analysis here: AQo out of position loose aggresive raiser from button: why no reraise? probably AQo is the best hand if not a very good hand. against a loose aggresive player raise usually a bit larger like 4.5 times his initial raise. If he´d have shoved then you could comfortably call since you had like 1.20 already invested and you play vs a loose aggro guy. Well you didn´t your choice but then you have play a flop out of position. When the flop comes it goes check check. You hit top pair on the turn: you bet (reasonably large), why? Your opponent checked the flop, he probably doesn´t have much so why not let him bluff? This way you earn some money from a BAD hand, which he will trowh away. you can check-raise and if he chips it then you can fold because he might have a ten. He just calls, if he masters the math very well. He could have KJ in this position or KQ or QJ and draw to a straigth. Since its (almost) obvious that you hold an A. A weak line from a loose and aggressive player (like check and call next street) inidicates usually a weak draw like a gutshot, or a monster hand. I think you misplayed it PFR and on the turn. I wouldnt have made the riverbet, only check/call. You definately should work on your deception, since you are super straigthforward from what I have seen from other hands. Check-raising the turn would be a very good example.umbup:


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      Hi Nashy,

      against the type of player you describe and being in the SB I would usually prefer 3betting pre but that also depends on his tendencies towards getting 3bet (does he fold, 4bet or call more against 3bets?) and also on the player in the BB.

      I think you played the rest of the hand just fine. When a laggy player suddenly checks back in such a great cbet spot for all his bluffs he probably has at least some SD value or is slowplaying a big hand. This makes me inclined to b/f the river as you did.

      An alternative line to try and exploit aggressive tendencies would be to check OTT intending to call down from there. This may leave his range wider and also cost you less in case he did accidentally flop a huge hand^^

      - Felix
      Live Trainer



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