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I found my inner LAG..shoot me now

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  • I found my inner LAG..shoot me now

    Can somebody please punch me in the head and make him go away! Ok- I posted the whole hand because it seemed just too ridiculous. What I would like from the analysis is to know what I did right/wrong from a LAG point of view - apart from the obvious folding my trash missed straight on the river. Nice pot if my OE straight hit though. Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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    Not sure what to say Ed,

    even playing LAG i might have checked my gutshot on the flop,but i'm guessing its very read dependent. Its a good bet if

    a) they are scared of you and will fold
    b) your investing for the future (to inhance the LAG image)
    c) they will call with worse

    Befor you lose the LAG you are you in any games that i'm in?

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      well before I am watching the hand, looking at the title, I can already see one mistake. You are playing out of position. this is your one and only mistake.

      Playing LAG is a very difficult style, even more difficult than TAG. next to that LAG can get you in very tough spots and it is very frustrating to your bankroll.

      you will generally be playing a lot of middle pairs, such as 76 suited on a T 7 3 board. what are you gonna do if your opponent raises you when you bet etc?

      Having given you a bit feedback on your play I think you should first master playing tight and aggresive, so you feel a bit more secure with aggression before applying it to loose and aggresive. There are very few players who can profitably play LAG.

      You know when you are ready for LAG:
      when your reads are 9/10 or better accurate
      when you can fold second best hands
      when you know how to detect and more importantly *Exploit* leaks in other players game (e.g. someone overbetting consistently is the most common one)
      That you can handle HUGE money jumps
      You should be (nearly) immume to tilting
      You should be willing to gamble a lot
      And you should know your next steps in a hand

      *Next to that don't you think 73o is a bit weak to play? even for LAG?*
      ** is edited
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        Originally posted by Sjekkkk View Post
        well before I am watching the hand, looking at the title, I can already see one mistake. You are playing out of position.
        If I'm going to play with such bad hole cards - being out of position seems the least of my problems!

        I know what you mean though - but post flop, with initiative if not position?

        Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeManb
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          after you read my feedback please try to guess my hand in the other post I have made


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            Very good stuff in that post from Sjekkkk, I would advise anyone to reread those things and try to internalize each of the lines before opening up their game!

            Regarding the hand: I wouldnt try to iso pre with that kind of hand because it just lacks so much playabilty and potential. The suited counterpart might even be a little better here

            As played I think that firing again on the turn should be better than x/c. Of course, odds are just fine for calling but betting adds at least some foldequity to the equation and potentially increases implied odds because people are usually less likely put you on a straight as the aggressor.
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