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nl5 85s 3 barreling

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  • nl5 85s 3 barreling

    oppenent was tight ish and seemed like a decent player. i put him on a flush draw or Kx

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    Hi DownLow,

    I suggest to leave out results in a hand to enable a better analysis. Try using the option for stopping a hand under edit hand in the replayer tool.

    I think the river bluff should be just fine against a tighter player because you might get two pair or a 9 to fold.

    However, arguments can be made for checking back either flop or turn since I dont see many worse hands folding there. The few low pairs, ace highs or low suited connectors may as well fold to a delayed cbet OTT I guess.

    The main problem is that most broadway hands will at least stick around for 1-2 streets and going into barreling mode will force you into river spots like this one where you either have to give up or triple barrel w/ 8 high.

    - Felix
    Live Trainer


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      Hi Down,

      I agree with Felix, personally I like c-betting the flop on this board texture but would check back the turn and take a free card if I do... his range to check/call is going to be mostly 1 pair hands like Kx, combo hands like QJ or QT, or better hands waiting 1 street for a safe card to raise. He can have a flush draw too but there are very few combos of those, the large % of his range are the made hands and basically none of this is ever folding to the turn barrel, and you run the risk of getting check/raised if he flopped big. Which would be a disaster since you're drawing live against those hands and can expect to get paid if you hit, but may not even be able to profitably see the river vs. a check/raise.

      In either case (barreling flop and turn or checking back one of those streets) the river card is a fantastic one to bluff at since you can credibly rep the ace and it turns his entire non-ace range into bluff catchers.

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