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6max $0.01/$0.02 - AQo in BB limp/reraise by SB

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  • 6max $0.01/$0.02 - AQo in BB limp/reraise by SB

    Practising some 6-max ahead of the challenge. I have AQo in the BB, table folds to SB who completes and I raise 4x to $0.08. They immediately make a weak reraise to $0.14. They are short stacked - and have now committed $0.14 of their $0.85 stack. They are an unknown player. I have not been at the table long, this is the 12th hand I have been dealt into. They have won 4 of the 12 pots I have seen, but never entered a hand for a preflop raise, limping into nearly every unraised hand, checking their BBs, and then betting or folding to action post flop. They have not got to showdown so I have not seen any of their hole cards. I think they may well be a weak passive player but it is very early to say that for sure. What is my best line? Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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    folding to that minraise is not an option you get 22 to 6 odds on a call, almost 4 to 1.
    I´d defiantely call there and make a decision on the flop for going all in or not since 8 or more cents already puts this guy in the commitment threshold, so does you. especially 14 cents, you hit go for it you don´t you fold. that is how it goes.


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      Play pre seems bang on. Right now I have him on a weak Ax or complete garbage and he's just trying to meekly defend. If it's checked to me post on I'm c-betting pretty much most flops. If he pushes then I'm reevaluating depending on the flop as he may have hit his garbage.


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        Hi Ed,

        Against a poor playing short stacker I will generally just ship it on him here. Maybe he has a big hand but poor playing short stackers will do stuff like this with all kinds of garbage too. If he folds to the ship that's fine (he'll fold sometimes). and when he calls off there will be enough weaker hands in his range that we should be an equity favorite. I think this is probably the most +EV line here absent further reads.

        Flatting can be +EV too, but it's more questionable imo. I guess the plan is to get it in post if we hit and fold to a c-bet if we miss. There's a lot of unknown variables though. First of all we know that we can expect to miss the flop roughly 2/3rds of the time. It's worth the extra call if we are getting the rest of his stack in good when we hit. Problems:

        -Will we get the rest of his stack in when we hit? IDK, he's played somewhat meekly post flop in the little observation we have. We may get a c-bet, he may check fold, etc.

        -We can get it in and not be a big equity fav, but actually still be a dog, if he's started with a better hand and/or outflops us

        -We can sometimes fold the best hand on the flop when we miss. Like if he's got A8s and the flop comes 953 rainbow, he c-bets and we fold, this is a disaster for us.

        Especially for the 3rd point there, I don't really care to leave him with the initiative. If we were both deep stacked flatting in position would be more attractive, but vs. a shorty who may be goofing around with a wide range, I prefer to take the certain +EV route and put him in now.

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          Hi Ed.

          In my opinion, you can make a case to move in immediately with AQ OR you can fold.; I do not really like calling as an option here much.

          The SPR going to the flop is around 5, so that sets up a situation where any top/top hit is probably going to be one where you are un-likely to fold for his short stack. Since you will miss the flop about 2/3rds of the time, and since you really do NOT want to find yourself folding to a lesser un-paired hand that C-bets, an all in will guarentee you get the most out of a "race" by seeing all 5 cards. If you hit top/top ANYWHERE along the way and that is good enough to win, you will have extracted max value as well.


          As you lack info on this opp, and as you cite that he has shown pretty passive tendencies, this could be a hand which has AQ at a big dis-advantage too (QQ+/AK). That, of course, argues for the "safer" course of folding your relatively small raise in relation to your stack.

          Overall, since this is blind on blind, I think my PERSONAL bias here would be to think that this opp limping is not great "strength" (unless I had shown a lot of aggression in the blinds previously), and is likely something along the lines of a small/medium pp or a slightly weaker A (AT/AJ) more often than a bad hand for my AQ. With that in mind, I think i am moving in more often that not here, although a fold is certainly a possibility if this is totally un-expected for you.

          Hope it helps.

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            Thanks all - I did get all shovey - opp had reasonable calling hand and we got it in - so at least I had no more tricky decisions - and I hit my A on the turn I'm happy about the decision, middlish PPs were obviously a possibility in their range, so a flip was a reasonable scenario and often I think I either get a fold from the shove or I am ahead Good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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