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Am I losing every time time here?

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  • Am I losing every time time here?

    Ok, so not sure if the river call here was right. The villan here is a solid player (VP: 25/17 over about 200 hands.) This is one of biggest losing hands from last month, and I'm pretty sure I was ok, right untill the end, but I wanted your oppinions.

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    Hi Bandshooter.

    I think you played this one fine, and that you are not beat "every time" by the river.

    Your raise pre flop put the SPR at right around 5, and that created a big enough pot that it makes it entirely possible that this guy may be exactly the same way with pp JJ+.; you can beat any pp (except AA) that he may hold and call on, and you are free rolling vs AA with your Ac.

    Sure, the fact he kept calling your bets can raise some concerns, but with the pot size created by your raise (entirely reasonable size given your pre flop nut hand), all your bets through the turn were perfectly acceptable in my opinion. This is especially true as you picked up the nut flush draw on the turn to give you outs if you were beat already.

    About the only thing I could possibly see that might "save" you money would have been to not bet the river, but even if you had not I do not think I would fold for any bet this opponent makes, up to and including putting me all in. Of course a desire to "save" money may also cost you money you might get from lesser hands too, so betting the river cannot really be said to be a mistake if the situation says you should be ready to stack off...

    Since he could almost as easily been raising a JJ/QQ/KK here on the river, by the time it got that far I am never folding.

    Sometimes he will wake up with a set, or 2 pair, or a non nut flush here, but your hand was "right" to create a large pre flop pot, and that large pot created made it "right" to be willing to stack off with an over pair, and the threats were somewhat minimal (few straights and flush draws are likely in his 3bet call range really), so going for it is just fine in my opinion.

    Bad luck he just out flopped you.

    Hope it helps.

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      well played unlucky he had trips.

      I would have made bets a bit bigger preflop and smaller postflop, here is why:

      you are out of position with a super strong hand, therefore I´d like to play a big pot for a big price .
      Usually I always 3bet bigger out of position 3,5X and in position smaller 2,5X. Because I hate playing out of position.

      So now we go to the flop the guy called you, perfect! the flop comes down pretty nice, the only thing what could have hit him is TT and a flush draw. Since you have the Ac the only hands you are beating are JJ QQ KK.
      He cannot have AQs AKs, so you really would like to get it allin on the flop / inducing a bluff.
      You don´t have to be worried about the flush here, because of your Ac!!

      There are two things you have to consider, if you raised big(ger) preflop and even if you did 60 cent as you did, you should have a commitment plan.
      Since you almost put 10% of your stack in.
      And how am I going to get paid off?

      the guy can have AK perhaps AQ in his range, and so do you! dont forget!!!
      Ask yourself this, what does he think that I have?

      your bet on the flop was in my opiniona mistake, it is too big. You say I have AA. Instead you should say I might have AA but I could have A high (AK). Since the only hand that beats you is TT, assuming the guy folds 33 and 44.

      You want to get value from weak hands like 99 88 even JJ QQ and bluffs like AQ and AK. instead make a bet of ~40% and have your plan ready. since that bet would put so much money in the pot that an all-in would be the best play anyway after a reraise seen stack sizes.

      good luck



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