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5nl 6max KQ-should i have controlled the pot better?

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  • 5nl 6max KQ-should i have controlled the pot better?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    hi everyone, Just wanted to pose a question to everyone,should i have controlled the pot better here with a possible slow played fullhouse out there by just calling his river check-raise or was my getting the money in for value the correct line? My opponent had stats of vpip:26 pfr:10 over around 70 hands, so he was around the loose passive to tight passive region. i know theres a possible full house on the board but i felt like he would have been betting a little earlier than this.also i felt like he could have some 6's and worse flushes that i beat so against that range i decided to get the money in for full value. thanks

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    Hi Nashy.

    To answer the Q in the title...

    Pot control was pretty moot until the river. They were checking down, and you did not really have a decent enough draw to bet or raise confidently on this depth of money. About your only real option with position here was to check along and take free cards in my opinion.

    When it checked down, and you got there, you aren't really thinking of controlling the pot but rather maximizing your equity of hitting the nut flush on a paired board.

    I do think your lead value bet in this spot is warranted, as there are probably hands that might call that are less than your holding, but I do not think there are many hands at all that can CHECK/RAISE you that you beat. The info you provide on the opp does not really say he is bluffy by nature, and a "passive" player is certainly not the kind to suddenly wake up to the possibility of such an aggro play.

    Since there ARE possible lesser flushes in his range (although that is a pretty thin hope since you hold the K and Q), I would not be fussed about making a crying call of his C/R here all that often. That call is laying you 2.37 to 1, and means you only have to be "right" in calling about 29.5% of the time to break even. But you have to think that it is rare that a passive player will C/R with what at best is the 3rd nut flush (the best hand you can beat). I also wouldn't really be upset with FOLDING in the somewhat small pot to be honest though, since the opp is passive per your info...

    I think the most you can do is call and hope he isn't slow playing JJ/66, or does not hold 88, and putting any more into the pot is going to just increase your loss too much if he calls.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      i think you lost a lot of money since your opponent had 66,

      board is paired and you have the nut flush but it is not the nuts, only thing you can beat is a two pair and lower flush but he wouldn't play it that way.

      imagine you have 66 yourself how would you play if everybody checked the flop? then you hit four of a kind, ofcourse you check again and hope someone hits a flush draw or straigth or full house even.

      i would have called his raise, but wouldnt have reraised with it. you only get called by a boat or better.



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